GTA 5 ragdoll mod produces comedy gold

"If anything, it's one of the funniest I've yet seen, and it's hard to really boil it down to why - apart from the fact people are falling over when they shouldn't be."

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aquamala1242d ago

too funny, thank you PC version

D3athc3ll1241d ago

2 years later. After we console gamers had enough of this brilliant game. Glad you enjoy games we had for years son!

I don't care if it runs and looks better, still old and it's good you pc gamers can finally play some good games!

Mariusmssj1241d ago

I find your comment very condescending and patronising.

CrazedFiend1241d ago

Hard to do yoga when you're a ragdoll!

baraka0071241d ago

yeah way to call it D3athc3ll!! screw that guy for liking a game. I mean where does he get off coming to this site and posting a comment that isn't filled with hate?! AND IT'S RELEVANT TO THE ARTICLE?! Real gamers hate games unless they just came out today and they hate other gamers that like the games they do. It's totally normal and thanks to you for pointing that out to him. We need more people like you in gaming and on the internet. Kudoz sir. You're a difference maker!

Xavior_Reigns1242d ago

Tyrannicon strikes again, fun YouTube channel, he's rage is hilarious. Seriously gotta get myself a capable PC.

Koopdogg1242d ago

My very soul just ripped from laughing SO hard :)

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