Xbox 360 Beats PS3 At Apollo Theatre

People visiting the Apollo were given a chance to play the ps3 and xbox 360 version of fight night 3 on 1080p displays. There was a splitscreen comparison done by H3TV and Juelz Santana goes to say "H3TV completely exposed that PS3's High Definition picture doesn't come close to Xbox, at least for "Fight Night."

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power of Green 4391d ago

Cool post!, i did not know about these H3TV console competitions.

peksi4391d ago

.. but take this with a pinch of salt. H3 enterprises was already designed with multiple xbox360's in it and may be an MS promoted company to be yet another tool in Console wars part XX (I bet the secret specs 'H3TV' doesn't include HDMI..) Expect Sony to do the same in near future.

A little about H3 from IGN:

joemutt4391d ago

But its good to see the public is learning this too.

Games look better on the 360.

Movies look better on the 360.


bung tickler4391d ago

all i have to say is haha, and this is with a whole extra year of dev time for the ps3 too.

MicroGamer4391d ago

The public is speaking, and they don't like PS3 or Blu Ray. Run fanboys, run.