VR: Where We've Been, and Where We Are Now

From the late 1800s, VR has been a concept in some form or fashion. Chronicling the various attempts at achieving immersion, this piece goes from early panoramic experiences, to the more esoteric Sensorama, and finally brings us up to today with Oculus and Project Morpheus.

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darthv721322d ago

forget VR...I want holodeck level stuff.

Pandamobile1322d ago

You have to take step one before you get to step fifty.

Moldiver1322d ago

I want holodeck type stuff too. fighting games and fanboy wars will never be the same though. instead of arguing gamers will get into virtual fights, inflicting a flurry of mixed martial arts blows on each other. and the guys with bad connections will be impossible to hit because they are teleport lagging all over the place.

thread flamers running around everywhere with virtual flame throwers that spew the flames of console wars, starting fanboy fights with their....flaming. And all those people with anime/final fantasy avatars will infact be the real life versions of comic book guy from the simpsons, thus unable to run from the flaming (after all...this is VR..their real world movements apply in this strange new digital world. No more 'click right stick to run ' for you, mister! You wont be jet jumping your way out of this one)

The virtualisation of games and the internet will be a strange and dark place.

All prophetic jokes aside, im looking forward to fighting games in VR. Its gonna be such a work out. I just hope I dont kick axe kick my coffee table or dragon punch my one of my shelving units.

Dfooster1322d ago

people who want a holodeck clearly haven't thought it through beyond the I want what I can't have stage

WizzroSupreme1321d ago

Where we've been is crappy virtual boys, so the future is...less than crap?...