Is Konami Really Quitting Games?

The cancellation of Silent Hills is the latest in a long line of worrying signs coming from the Japanese developer. Peter Brown broke the story of Kojima's impending exit, so we asked him what he thinks the future holds for Konami.

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1296d ago Replies(2)
1296d ago Replies(2)
Sureshot1295d ago

I dunno. Why are you asking me?

Summons751295d ago

Based on current events, I wouldn't be surprised. I just hope if they do decided to leave they at least sell off their games so they can live on.

LightofDarkness1295d ago

No. They're quitting AAA big budget gaming. They will likely release plenty of low budget titles based on their existing IPs, even some medium budget stuff for series like MGS (Rising sequels etc.). But it looks like they're done throwing money at KojiPro. From a business sense, they're absolutely right. It sucks for us, but when has big business every really made decisions based on how we, their supposed fans, feel?

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rainslacker1294d ago

How is it throwing money at KojiPro when he not only makes games that sell well, but also gives them a fully functional in house game engine. It's not like they lost money on KojiPro.

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The story is too old to be commented.