Pics from inside the "exclusive" E3 PlayStation Lounge

PlayStation LifeStyle was lucky enough to get a chance to pay a visit to the exclusive PlayStation E3 lounge which was invite only.

We got a chance to get a exclusive look at Pixel Junk Eden, Fat Princess, Siren: Blood Curse, Resistance 2, Killzone 2, Quest for Booty, Flower, Pain Amusement Park, Home, Buzz TV, Resistance Retribution, Super Star Dust HD PSP, and many more.

Here are some pics of the exclusive lounge.

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Angelitos3721d ago

Guys I need bubbles!!

Anyways, there are no games there that SONY bribed.

Sev3721d ago

It was pretty much only first party stuff.

psnCAShville_6153721d ago

man i wish i was there i would make love to each one of those games every 15 minute! EFFFFFin

deeznuts3721d ago

hmm, quest for booty might take on new meaning for you then ...

belal3721d ago

sev you are so lucky to play all these great games!

Vojkan3721d ago

SEV, were those "secret" games shown in this room?

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