The Nintendo Gateway Drug: The Battle For Casual Gamers Heats Up

The Wii is, quintessentially, a casual gamer's paradise. Nintendo has undoubtedly taken that expanding market by storm. The company may lack in third-party titles or extensive libraries, but it surely sells a whole hell of a lot of the current offerings. Due to gaining such substantial sales it is no wonder that Reggie and company have become entrenched in said market.

The question remains however, what's the next step?

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hokiebonoz3772d ago

Xbox is doing a double dip indeed

dxmnecro3772d ago

When I first got my hands on the Wii and Twilight Princess it definitely felt like a drug.

jeffaustin903772d ago

I say Kudos to Microsoft. They recognize that Nintendo invented a winning formula, and now they're going to try it for themselves. While Sony and Microsoft were focusing on the gamers they knew about, Nintendo was focusing on EVERYONE, not just gamers. That's what moves consoles, as it's been seen in the sales figures of Wiis. But Microsoft saw that their path they were on wasn't going to work forever, so they're now changing it up. This is something Sony doesn't really understand, and it's why Sony won't win this generation.

This isn't to say that Sony is bad. They're not. The games they have on their system are great. Hell, ALL the systems have great games that many people like. Sony can keep doing their thing, and Nintendo/Microsoft can do theirs. All three can live in harmony, but Sony has to understand that, with the path they're on now, they won't win the console war this generation.