Project CARS - Could it Have a Preordained Pole Position as the Best Sim Racer Ever Made?

Slightly Mad Studios is set to release Project CARS in only a few short weeks after some lengthy delays. Possibly one of the most anticipated sim racers of all time it has fans in a fever. We break down why it's quite possibly poised to take the all-time sim racing crown.

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rdgneoz31328d ago

Seeing as it was suppose to launch in 2013, two years is quite a bit of time to polish the game up (seeing as previous gen versions were killed off). And with the PC / WiiU versions coming out later in the year, those should get even better. Hopefully the game does well.

Me-Time1328d ago (Edited 1328d ago )

They've been doing more than polishing it for that long. Cars, tracks, VR implementation (as we know, it'll support Project Morpheus on the PS4 and Oculus Rift) and of course, console compatibility have been added on top of further tweaks to the games physics, visual effects and graphics. There's more we don't know about, I'm sure.

What do you mean by "PC / WiiU versions coming out later in the year"?

Another week to two weeks for it to release totally.

Si-Fly1328d ago

PC version coming out later in the year? Errr.... No! I've been playing the final build for 2 weeks now, the actual release date is the same for PC as the PS4 and XB1.

rdgneoz31328d ago

Thought the steam version was delayed seeing as their faqs page says this: "Wii U and Steam OS versions to follow later in 2015."

WiiU isn't even listed with a date, let alone a preorder page on Amazon or such.

Onehandband1t1328d ago

@rdgneoz3 Pcars is most certainly releasing on all platforms minus Wii, on the same day. I also was a backer and have had the game since 2012.

Here is some gameplay of the final PC build

nexusw4271328d ago

The SteamOS version is for the actual steam operating system that will be on steam boxes a.k.a Linux support.

sorane1328d ago (Edited 1328d ago )

It looks amazing but to be the best it'd be going up against heavyweights like Iracing, Rfactor, Grand Prix Legends, Richard Burns Rally, etc, etc. Not sure it'll be the best sim ever, but I can't wait to play it :)

T9001328d ago

Iracing, Rfactor are really hardcore. Personally i like Assetto corsa too. I think all 3 of them are hardcore Simracers.

Project cars is more of a Simcade, its more on the tune of Forza and GT series.

SolidStoner1328d ago

yeah.. considering who are developers and seeing those videos (after like playing every simulation game there is (with g27 and more) I can truly honestly say that Project cars physics will be worse than most sim racing games..) it will be
pure Simcade like forza or driveclub etc..

Iracing, Rfactor, assetto corsa (with its nice graphics and car handling) and GT(considering all that crazy work and updates done for GT6, physics model and tuning there is amazing)... simulation games require huge amount of work and data collection.. observing and recreating all that real word data into a game is hard work.. impossible to do it right, every developer makes different kinds of mistakes, there is like no perfect racing game.. lets hope for the best for project cars.. I truly want it to be a best game for everyone!


GT is no more a sim than calling Forza one... There are so many "Rules" you can break and they don't penalize you in GT, Hell, I can cut laguna seca in Forza and it penalize me, but GT wont... Just saying, neither of them are Simulators

gameboy11328d ago

Yes i agree Andy Tudor said with the wiiu version were trying to deliver the best possible racer on any platform,who know's if he meant wiiu specifically but at least it will get the proper treatment thats the version me and my bro are getting.

iplay1up21328d ago

I also remember Andy Tudor saying that about Project Cars being the best Sim out there, and that was when it was PC/Wii U only.

Then everything changed when XB1/PS4 came into play. I thought it sucked the WiiU version was "put on hold to pool resources" for other versions, when the initial crowd funding was for PC/Wii U.

I just hope Wii U gets the best version the Wii U can handle. Which is more than many people give it credit for.

FlameWater1328d ago

1 Japanese car and 1 fictional Japanese track = steam sale

ScuderiaPaul1328d ago

Can anyone who has played the PC version tell me what the handling model is like? Is it like the dreadful NFS Shift or more like a Toca Race Driver set-up. Perhaps it is more realistic than I expect..?


T9001328d ago

NFS shift was arcady though i wouldnt call the handling dreadful.

Moldiver1328d ago

I agree with scuderiapaul (nice name. Not sure why I didnt go for a more racer orientated name, myself). Shift had terrible handling.

If Pcars has handling comparable to forza or GT if not even more realistic, Ill be happy with it.

Onehandband1t1328d ago

Its f**king awesome with a wheel. Thats all I can say.

I have played 1000s of hours on forza series and loved the handling model.

Now I can't go back after PCars. I'm sorry if people disagree but imo.... its up there with the big boys

Me-Time1328d ago (Edited 1328d ago )

The tire model gives off a very natural feeling. The feedback of the overall physics respond sorta like FM5 (which isn't a bad thing). This is coming from a GT fan whose played FM games from time to time when given the opportunity.

Edit -

Compared to two years ago - if it were released back then - I wouldn't be giving pCARS any praise whatsoever. I really didn't like the feel of the physics, especially the tire model (on/off-like switch when transitioning from grip/traction to loss of traction). Now, it feels sooo much more dynamic.

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