Of course Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition is getting delivered in a pizza box

Yes sir, Devil May Cry 4 is getting a special edition (again), this time in the trendy cardboard of resident demon-slayer Dante’s favourite snack, pizza.

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Ninver1054d ago

Haha that's kinda cool. Shame DMC ain't been the same since DMC2

UmbrellaBlimp1054d ago

Lol what? Have you actually played the games past DMC2? 3 was fantastic and so was 4 and niether of them felt like they weren't DMC games.

Maybe its the reboot you are thinking about?

Ninver1054d ago

Yep my bad I'm thinking of the reboot. Wow talk about being bombarded with disagrees. My mistakes folks please put away the pitchforks

Ultr1054d ago

Whatever. I liked the reboot. And all the others too.

WizzroSupreme1054d ago

Of course! Too bad it doesn't come with an actual pizza! Yum!

OmegaShen1054d ago

True, but I would be worry a demon step in it.

fei-hung1054d ago

Can't wait. Had a look on PLay-asia, but ended up pre-ordering the regular edition. It has been ages since I played an actual Devil May Cry game.

micx1054d ago

Too bad it's only in Japan.
Pizza I can handle :P

jeremyj29131054d ago

Sux that it's only for Japan :-(

micx1054d ago

Japan gets some cool stuff, we don't see most of it, unfortunately :(

tanukisuit1054d ago

That's pretty cool, lol. I wish more companies put effort into their limited/collector's editions.

RJ920091054d ago

Hopefully playasia gets these in because I wantz it bad!!!

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