Batman: Arkham Knight's season pass isn't just insane, it's insulting

Dealspwn: "Warner Bros thinks you're an idiot. They think we're idiots too, so don't take it personally, but also don't hand over even a single Penny."

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bggriffiths1323d ago

Ha, you have to be joking Warner Bros. There's not even a solid mention of proper Story DLC/expansions. Think there's an £80 version knocking around PSN already too.

What sort of fools are paying this much money for outfits and challenge maps/extra races? Enough to make this a steady and regular practice is the answer I guess.

Blues Cowboy1323d ago (Edited 1323d ago )

Yeah, right? It makes fools of us. What I find bizarre is that people will just pay for season passes up front and then defend their decision as if they've scored a bargain.

This has to stop. Seriously, forget Steam mods, GG and Kojima, this stuff is killing gaming right now.

MrCherry1323d ago

I agree, I like one thing out of it but im not paying big $ for ALL of it when you can spend 2.99 for the one good thing.

HaveSumNuts1323d ago

Red Hood dlc, Harley Quinn dlc and a $40 season pass that doesn't include these 2 dlcs I mentioned. It is ridiculous I'll wait for a complete version before I consider buying.

mep691322d ago

This will be harder to stop because 'console gamers'.

facade_of_faust1321d ago

It is not killing gaming... Its all optional additional content, which you can also wait to buy piecemeal, if you decide you want to build upon and expand the game. Its called options.

This just helps devs get sales while the game is fresh on people's minds, for those who choose to support the devs because they enjoy their games.

Once a game has been released, people are likely to move on after beating a game, and be less aware if future dlc when it's released. This allows people who like the game to invest in it early, and not need to keep returning in the future to check whats releasing.

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asmith23061323d ago

Just wait until DICE's Star Wars game. Then the shit will really hit the fan in regard to this crap. EA are gonna take millions of Star Wars fans for a ride.

Baka-akaB1323d ago (Edited 1323d ago )

Except that while people keep only seeing EA , guys like WB keep doing the same or worse with their Batman or Mortal Kombat titles ...

Some goes for activision and a few others

LackTrue4K1323d ago

You don't expect DLC's and seasons pass for that game?!?

Lol, your a fool!!!
"Dark Vader DLC son"

BISHOP-BRASIL1323d ago (Edited 1323d ago )

DICE/EA is actually not that bad in this department if BF4 and Hardline are anything to go by... I mean, it's basically a deal of you pay for premium, you get everything. Truth be told, you even (kinda) know what you are paying for, as this is pointed on the details over PSN (I believe the same happens over Origin and XBL), the general formula being 4 expansions (with 4 maps each and any weapons or gear that expansions also add), prioritized access to matches and some exclusive stuff (like the phantom bow, exclusive tags or battlelog shenanigans). You don't know exactly what the maps or weapons or whatever are being added in the future are like, you don't know if you're paying ahead of good stuff or a pile of poo, but you generally know how much of said awesome content or poo you're getting for your money. Also, none of this DLC is on disk content, in fact, I don't remember them doing day 1 DLC (if my memory serves me right)...

While companies like Capcom, WB and others had been doing much bigger dick moves selling you an incomplete game and premium-like pack that doesn't include major stuff yet to come or even the cut-off DLC which is not rarely included on disc... EA may had opened this can of worms, but hardly setted a pattern as bad as this. And I'm as much surprised to be defending EA as the next person, this only shows how bad things really are now.

EDIT: Really bad grammar, even worst than what's already there, believe me, you don't wanna see that crap.

OrangePowerz1323d ago

Isn't that what the season pass for the previous Batman games added?

Anyway it's optional for people who want to get extra non essential content.

badz1491323d ago (Edited 1323d ago )

just like I said in the other post, waited for $5 Steam sale for Arkham City was well worth it! I just need to find time to play it though. but that just proof enough that it's the kind of game that I can wait and wait and wait before I decide to buy and play it. I waited almost 2 years before buying GoTY Edition of Arkham Asylum too and the game was just as awesome.

I"m seriously interested in this game, I do but with this kind of practice, I have to back down for now. WB, you want more of my money? sure, you can have it but not until I can get EVERYTHING you have to offer with this game for $30 MAX!

I can easily pirate it, but I won't. piracy was the thing that made publishers started this kind of practice to begin with as they try to squeeze as much money as possible from those honest enough to buy their games. they see fighting piracy is a battle they can't win so they are screwing the legit buyers in exchange for the sales they think they lost due to piracy! it's disgusting but I think we're not seeing the end of this yet...UNLESS all gamers educate themselves better and vote with their wallet! see how publishers like it then if gamers fight back!

Blues Cowboy1323d ago (Edited 1323d ago )

Well said, bad149, especially the part about piracy. Good on you.

Us gamers aren't just a passive flock of wallets waiting to be harvested. Our money fuels this industry, and if we lose confidence in it, publishers will quickly realise that the casual market is very fickle indeed.

(bubs, btw)

vork771323d ago

its easy if you dont like the dlc dont buy it

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ERFO1323d ago (Edited 1323d ago )

My initial response to seeing a third batman DLC outrage piece was 'Oh God here's another article about this'. Once I got past my cynical [email protected] I realised that this is the way to yank the reigns on these pricks. It's this very snowball effect that keeps the dialogue running, forcing greedy devs to take notice that WE'VE noticed how shoddy their tacked-on extras are. You can't make a great game and hope that it's distraction enough to put your hand in my other pocket.

I recently read an article about the reward in waiting for a game's value to drop. Maybe we should all wait another 6 months before we buy Arkham Knight. All they understand is when we [email protected]$€ with their money.

Blues Cowboy1323d ago

Well said. It's important that publishers know that we're getting fed up - that we are fed up - and that their business is built on our money.

OrangePowerz1323d ago

Good that you are not jumping the gun at all by labelling them as greedy devs. Howvdare they want to make monry with their work and provide for their families. They just all work for free, greedy people.

pivotplease1323d ago

Kind of agree in that it is more like "greedy publishers" but not all devs are innocent as well. Though it does go both ways and even some of the most amazing games can actually bankrupt a developer. The best example I can think of now would be Journey. That's why Chen had to resort to a kickstarter and go multiplatform. That and who knows what share Sony took from them as a publisher.

ERFO1323d ago (Edited 1323d ago )

Its a $40 DLC. How are you arguing this? You think they won't make a bazillion dollars on the game itself?


This was a response to @orangepowerz

ERFO1323d ago (Edited 1323d ago )

Provide for their families. LOL. Little Johnny says his Enzo has a flat, better give him the Bentley

Pivot I agree. Greedy publishers as well. Although I'm sure they didn't have to press Rocksteady too hard on the issue.

DragoonsScaleLegends1323d ago

I really don't understand why the season pass hate waited until this game to start. Activision and EA have been far worse yet they get free passes with BF and COD.

Blues Cowboy1323d ago

It hasn't just started. BF and COD get the same backlash, as did Destiny for pulling the same guff, but this is just the latest disappointing cashgrab... from a franchise that we wish could be better.

OrangePowerz1323d ago (Edited 1323d ago )

So a game that costs millions to make and costs 60 bucks has additional content sold via DLC that brings the game + DLC to 80-90 bucks is a cashgrab. What are games like Super Mario or other older games that sold for 60 bucks and barely cost anything to make?

I recommend to read up on economics and how to run a business first.

pivotplease1323d ago (Edited 1323d ago )

While I see your point, you are going a little too far with it. A million sales is essentially 60,000,000 dollars. That's a lot and this game will easily triple that. And Nintendo is guilty as sin. Many of their newest games are reskins to a degree and on a technical scale the games don't break the bank. Also, you won't even see the price on their first party games dip after multiple years; however the topic is batman and no one can deny WB games dun goofed. $20 season passes are forgivable though usually a joke but $40? Might as well be taking my systems in for oil changes and new brake pads while I'm at it.

OrangePowerz1323d ago


I like math so let`s do some math. Starting with the first misconception. A million sales isn`t 60 million bucks. Bethesda defended the profit split up by saying 25% is industry standard. So let`s say they told the truth. In that case your 60 million turn into 15 million, if they sell 3 million games it`s 45 million bucks. Assuming they started work on it once the last one was finished that means it`s 3-4 years in development and let`s say for 2 years it was in full development. According to wikipedia (no better source available) there are around 160 people at the studio. You want to do the math on how much it would cost them to employ 160 people for only 2 years? The answer would be a lot and far more than those 45 million bucks if they would sell 3 million units and that doesn`t include the people outside of their studio that would work on the game, voice actors, composers, anything that they would license etc.

According to vgchartz (another source I don`t like to use as a reference) the last Rocksteady Batman game sold 10 million units. If we take a 25% share that`s a lot of money but probably only makes them a tiny profit if we deduct the salaries. They basically need to pay whatever it cost them to make the game plus they need money to make their next game.

As for the season pass itself. The people who make the content need to be paid and we don`t know what the content is we only have a tiny description, but not how large the stuff will be and how much work they need to put into it.

It`s easy to call them greedy or that it`s just a cashgrab, but in reality it costs a huge amount of money for them to make a game like that, it costs them money to make the content that will be in the season pass and they need a lot of money to be able to make another game after that one.


The people who drive a Ferrari or other fancy cars is tiny and mainly the case for people in a high position at privately owned companies (hence why CliffyB has a fancy ride), but not in publicly owned companies. Rocksteady is not privately owned company. So yes the people working their have families to feed and there is a good chance they have been very busy at work for quite some time and won`t have seen them that much either.

That is a very disrespectful attitude towards the people that provide you with games that you play and like while they work their asses off and you just make baseless accusations from your comfy couch.

Rebel_Scum1322d ago


Your economics is dead right. Plus people are getting carried away with this without knowing exactly what they're paying for.

They give a broad idea but really no one knows how much content will be provided. The previous Batman games had what, 8-10 hr story campaigns? If the story dlc is roughly that long you would be effectively paying for a new game.

Either way I'll reserve judgement until we find out more. The hive mind of the gaming community are so quick to judge sometimes.

ifistbrowni1322d ago (Edited 1322d ago )

wow, it dates all the way back to then?

I guess that's kinda proof that you guys bitching on the internet proves to not be effective.

Name one game's DLC that has been accepted by the N4G gaming community that launched in the last year... We cry so much about DLC and say the same things every time: "boycott this, this is the worst."

Soon, the very worst DLC WILL come along and this argument we've been building will have lost it's meaning.

If you want to send a message, don't buy the game. Crying about it in the corner of the internet will accomplish very little. If you guys band together and ignore this game, maybe the next group of Warner Brother games will be more consumer friendly.

We know the complaining didn't work for Battlefield and COD, since they both are still offering season pass content. Jury is still out on Destiny, but I'm willing to bet they're going to try to make more money through DLC on the current Destiny or in future titles.

DLC is here to stay on console. It's far too late to complain now. This will be the generation of season passes. It already feels like every AAA Game has gotten DLC/Season Passes this gen (except for "re-masters")

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pivotplease1323d ago

As Blues Cowboy said, I think people just expected more from this franchise. Many hardcore gamers know about those games' transgressions because it's become a trend and somewhat of a running joke. This franchise, though, has never been guilty of reskinning games and overcharging to this degree. Destiny was a similar scenario in that people just expected better from Bungie. Personally, I blame the publishers and I also can't help but think that the industry has gotten worse at budgeting for games.

Xaphy1323d ago

So you pay that much just to get skins and challenges? The two most things I never cared about in a game. Sure skins are cool, but I would never pay extra money just to see the character wearing other clothes and I sure as hell won't ever pay for challenges.

Skate-AK1323d ago

"Unfortunately, Batman: Arkham Asylum is doing something we call in the punditry business as "taking the piss."

Pretty sure you meant Batman: Arkham Knight.
Not Arkham Asylum.

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