The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt: Final Build vs. Pre-Release Trailer Comparison

GearNuke: "The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt is just a few weeks away from its official release now. It is currently being previewed by various media outlets and as the game went gold a few weeks ago, we are also getting to see more footage from the final build of the game."

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d_g1324d ago (Edited 1324d ago )

the final Build looks Great

the most noticeable difference is lighting

graphics is the same

Bansai1324d ago (Edited 1324d ago )

It looks great either way, but comparing visual differences during different time of day is just simply retarded and no self-respecting site should do it.

starchild1324d ago

It's like, of course the lighting looks different, it's a different time of day! People need to keep in mind that this game has completely dynamic time of day and weather changes.

The cutscenes also happen totally in engine, so I bet the time of day and weather conditions can be different in the same cutscene depending on when you tackle them. At least some of them. I'm pretty sure we've already seen this in the footage so far.

Anyway, at least they aren't doing one of those stupid comparisons of two very different areas. The areas are the same and it looks like all the assets are the same, which is really nice to see.

ShinMaster1324d ago

They're LITERALLY comparing night and day screenshots.

These screenshot comparisons are getting more ridiculous.

Griever1324d ago

Dont you see that the moonlight has been improved into sunlight!? :P Stupid article!

UltraNova1324d ago (Edited 1324d ago )

Well I for one would say there's a day and night difference between the older and newer versions...

MWong1324d ago

@ Bansai

I hope those are just different times of the day and not actual cutscenes.

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_-EDMIX-_1324d ago

everything looks the same to me. I'm sorry but none of those comparisons are even in the same time of day, its really not comparable.

UKmilitia1324d ago

the final build has a more cartoony colour to it.
looks amazing though

WizzroSupreme1324d ago

The Witcher 3 just keeps impressing me more and more every day. Every screenshot is just money in the bank for CD Projekt Red.

T9001324d ago

Witcher 3 will probably be a very strong contender for GOTY. Its amazing the journey taken by a small developer to get to this point.

Xof1324d ago

CDPR hasn't been a small developer for a very, very long time. They were at their smallest developing the first Witcher game, and even that had a dev team of around 50 people.

One-Shot1324d ago

These comparisons are so stupid when you have the screens taken at a different TOD.

MarkAnthonyOnline1324d ago

I totally agree, this is nonsensical.

1324d ago
Rute1324d ago

People should really look into the differences between the words "their", "there", and "they're".

starchild1324d ago

Yeah, different time of day will make totally different lighting conditions.

At least they are comparing the same locations though. If I see another stupid comparison between completely different places in the game trying to prove a "downgrade" I'll probably throw up. It's so stupid to do comparisons like that.

The comparison isn't the same time of day but I will say the quality of the assets looks the same.

Ch1d0r11324d ago

Yeah and some of the night shots look better

AndrewLB1323d ago

You must also be one of those people who looked at all the blurry textures on "next-gen" consoles and said how incredible that motion enhances the details. lol.

PSXQ81324d ago

Why they compare time in the pictures like daylight of course is different than night time it doesn't make sense...

MrCherry1324d ago

Keep same time of day helllooo.

Cra2yey31324d ago

Ppl don't take that into account and complain lol

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