Xenoblade Chronicles X Has No Shortage of DLC in Japan

Seven DLC packs coming for the new Wii U RPG next month.

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Concertoine1323d ago (Edited 1323d ago )

Although this seems to be a good value, im disappointed to see Nintendo going this route with DLC. Nintendo is a very important company for collectors, and the future of this DLC and little updates worries me since it'll only last as long as your console does. In 4 or so years when the wii u eshop will probably be offline, then what?

I wish the amiibos did something relevant, because the idea of physical dlc would be a solution. But does the shulk amiibo do anything in this game beside give you an item once a day or something lame like that?

Big_Game_Hunters1322d ago

Although you have a point, i would rather have more content post game launch and have it be gone after my wiiu breaks and eshop shuts down than not have any post launch additional content at all. Unless they released physical copies of DLC, then every DLC is gone once the means to download it is gone.

Also the thing about AMIIBOS is that they unlock on disc content. Lets say AMIIBOS unlocked downloadable DLC. If the eshop was down you still wouldn't be able to download whatever the AMIIBO unlocked.

Griever1321d ago

The release date for the game was APRIL 29 and the DLC was announced on April 28 and releases on May 8 so, NO; people did not have the game for "weeks" before release. One week makes it bad because it means that the DLC clearly did not require much time or effort to make it. They could have easily included it in the full game. If a DLC was released at least a couple of months after release then it is understandable that they were working on it. Just one week for some pieces of gear, party members, extra money, experience etc is crooked. But you like to bend over for your beloved company, dont you? Personally, I have never bought a single piece of DLC because it is a very slippery slope that encourages devs/publishers to hold back content from the full game just to sell it for extra money. DLC fuels greed in devs/publishers and screws customers by making them pay full price for half-assed games.

Griever1321d ago (Edited 1321d ago )

I am glad to see that you are a Nintendo fan and not a blind fanboy. Announcing a DLC before release of the game and releasing it after just a week of the game's release is the same kind of DLC practice that everybody especially Nintendo fans have been criticizing. If they can release the DLC just a week later, why cant they include it in the game? Besides unlockable costumes, weapons, party members and armor etc. used to be part of the game. They are not DLC. The proper way to do DLC is how CDP are doing for Witcher 3 where the first DLC will be release in October, 5 months after release of the game and the second in 2016. Another example is Evil Within and Dragon Age: Inquisition DLC that came or are coming several months after the full game released. Nintendo has also done DLC right... until now. Nintendo fans need to be honest and call things how they are instead of being unreasonably defensive.

Big_Game_Hunters1321d ago

People had the game up to 3 weeks before this DLC came out, the game was finished and just waiting for street release. Why would they delay it further just to add DLC? Why does one week after release make it bad if it clearly wasn't ready for the street release date?
If anything its better that monolith is working fast on the extra content rather than making us wait months for more. I'm glad to see you are a blind Nintendo critic though.

Big_Game_Hunters1321d ago (Edited 1321d ago )

300+ hour Xenoblade is a half assed game now LOL? You understand that games don't finish devlopment the day they are released right?

This may come as a surprise to someone like you, but there is no magic delivery service that businesses can use to magically take care of all the necessary arrangements of releasing a game a soon as it is completed. Once the game is complete it takes a good month or so to take care of the business side of things. Even Monolith Soft confirmed that the game was finished in march. Imagine if they wanted to include this DLC, the game would be releasing may 29th instead of april 29th.

Instead they created a complete game and in between the time they finished development and the time the game actually released they created this DLC.

Also the release date is irrelevant, people were getting early copies almost two weeks before the game launched which means the game shipped way before april 29th.

Seriously man stop trying so hard, we get it, you hate Nintendo. But at least make educated Statements if you are going to troll. anyway you can respond if you want but I'm blocking you so i won't see it. Its not like you say anything intelligent or important that i'll be missing out on.

wonderfulmonkeyman1321d ago (Edited 1321d ago )

Or maybe you need to stop spouting bs based on suppositions that this DLC doesn't take long to make.
They can't include it because IT WAS NOT INTENDED FOR THE MAIN GAME.
This is not Destiny.

It's giving 30 whole new missions with their own settings and dialogue, four new Skells that take time and care to develop, a whole new weapon type, four whole new recruit characters with different stats, voices, and personalities, and 8 new Arts to use in combat.
Getting all 7 packs together in a bundle costs less than $17.
If any other company were trying to offer all that at once, you'd be paying upwards of $30.

So not only is it not cut from the main game, it's also cheap to get.
You need to quit coming onto every single Nintendo article just for the sake of spinning negatives and lies into everything.

I think I'm gonna follow BGH's example and put you on block,
You're just as bad as Chiller, if not worse due to trying harder.

3-4-51321d ago

* At least it's not Main Story DLC.

It's 300+ hours game.....that becomes more if you want to had DLC.

IF you WANT to.

Not have to. Doesn't ruin the 300+ hours if you don't.

Please assess this correctly.

Griever1321d ago

That 300+ figure is grossly inflated. No Japanese reviews state that it takes 300 hours to complete the game. That 300 hour figure was only mentioned to highlight that the game's clock can go beyond 99 hours unlike Xenoblade for Wii. Furthermore, Takashi was playtesting the game so it can take him 999 hours but it does not means the game is that long. You will be sorely disappointed when the game releases if you really expect it to last 300 hours in a meaningful and meaty way.

ShinMaster1322d ago (Edited 1322d ago )

It's ok when Nintendo does it...

Also Amiibo's are a rip off. I don't play Disney Infinity or Skylanders, but I'm pretty sure their physical DLC actually adds game content.

Big_Game_Hunters1322d ago

Didn't realize the article was about Amiibos. Also don't you mean "it's okay when everyone does it" since most people buy DLC for every game.

ShinMaster1321d ago (Edited 1321d ago )

I am aware that everybody does it.

My point was that, at first, before Nintendo started doing DLC, fanboys made fun of other game companies for having DLC and thought that Nintendo put 100% of all content in the game before releasing it. Because they were the only ones that "cared".
They're a business, just like all others.
Now they're like "Wowee! DLC"

wonderfulmonkeyman1322d ago (Edited 1322d ago )

Because getting new weapons, quests, armors, minigames, currency, AI training partners, costumes, and other nice bonuses, across more than just one IP, TOTALLY doesn't count as added game content! /s

Let's stop trying to pretend Amiibos are a rip-off by ignoring how quickly their various rewards add up to a higher value than their purchase price, shall we?

They already show far more value than Skylanders or DI just by the sheer number of titles many of them work across.

MilkMan1322d ago

Bro, Amiibos blow. Stop championing these silly plastic statues that do jack for the game. The only place they where even half baked was in Super Smash Bro. My cat is playing with my $50 dollar Little Mac.
My fam fell prey to Nintendo cause we love their games, but we got hip to the scheme. Its cool to admit when sh*t is wrong. Try it.

BigDuo1322d ago

You're right. It does baffle me why some people seem to have a problem with understanding the value of amiibo figurines. Nintendo told us exactly what they would be used for.

ShinMaster1321d ago

For a second there, you almost made them sound worthwhile.

themonado1322d ago (Edited 1322d ago )

Yeah, you need them to actually be able to play the game..

BigDuo1322d ago (Edited 1322d ago )

Play what game?

Amiibo does not restrict you from being able to access any of the core package content from any game. You don't need Amiibo to use all of the playable characters, stages and gameplay modes in any Wii U game Nintendo developed and/or published.

themonado1321d ago

@Big Duo: I'm not talking about Amiibos :p

demonofelru1321d ago

@BigDuo Although I'm not as down on Amiibos as others, AFAIK the only way to play amiibo party in Mario Party 10 is with having at least one. It's definitely one of the 3 main modes and I would be a bit salty if I couldn't play it since it's the only mode where players move independently.

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mamotte1321d ago

In 2010, Black Ops was a $60 videogame with 4 DLC packs for $15 each.
In 2011, Modern Warfare 3 was a $60 videogame with a $50 Season Pass.
In 2012, Black Ops II was a $60 videogame with a $50 Season Pass.
In 2013, Ghost was a $60 videogame with a $50 Season Pass.
In 2014, Advanced Warfare was a $60 videogame with a $50 Season Pass.
In 2015, Black Ops III is $60 videogame with a $50 Season Pass.

In 2011, Battlefield 3 was a $60 video game with a $50 Season Pass.
In 2013, Battlefield 4 was a $60 video game with a $50 Season Pass.
In 2015, Battlefield Hardline is a $60 video game with a $50 Season Pass.

Yeah, it's ok when Nintendo does it, we dont forgive any other company selling million of games using DLC as a cash... oh...

ShinMaster1321d ago (Edited 1321d ago )

Why does every Nintendo fanboy think that because someone is critical of Nintendo or doesn't play Nintendo games(which I do) plays nothing but COD or BF?
Yeah, games with guns are all we care about! Turn Mario into GTA! LMFAO

I could care less about those games.

My point was that, at first, before Nintendo started doing DLC, fanboys made fun of DLC and thought that Nintendo put 100% of all content in the game before releasing it. Because they were the only ones that "cared".
They're a business, just like all others.

mamotte1321d ago (Edited 1321d ago )


Those are the most common examples, but if you have numbers from other games the I'll read you anytime.

Big_Game_Hunters1321d ago

So if those "fanboys" you are speaking of actually think its okay then they are Hypocrites. So go tell them, No need tell people who just want to talk about this cool new DLC.

Knushwood Butt1321d ago

“When we sell a game, we want the consumer to feel that they’ve had a complete experience. We’re unwilling to sell a piece of a game upfront and, if you will, force a consumer to buy more later. That’s what [Nintendo representatives] don’t want to do, and I completely agree. I think the consumer wants to get, for their money, a complete experience, and then we have opportunities to provide more on top of that.”

wonderfulmonkeyman1321d ago (Edited 1321d ago )

That's because they ARE worthwhile.
I only bought 2 of the things, and here's what I've already gotten across just two titles:

Hyrule Warriors: gold mats that would take a lot of luck and repeated hours of missions to drop, and over a million and rising in raw rupees and high value gear to sell and use.

Smash: An AI training partner far preferable to normal NPC's that has strengthened the already high replay value quite a bit, which brings back tons of new gear and items whenever i let a friend borrow it.

Then you factor in games like MK8, Captain Toad, MP10, Xenoblade Chronicles, and more to come, and it becomes easy to see that they have already quickly shown more value than either Skylanders or DI, which give you the characters and associated set pieces on one IP each.

SL's and DI don't work with each other, and you'll never see them granting you new rewards in games like Destiny.

I finally get it.
You're one of those unsatisfied suckers that had to pay an inflated price for just one Amiibo.
Here's the truth: you overpaying for little mac does not make Amiibo's blow.
It does not make them useless, and it does not make them inferior to SL'S or DI.
You're the one who's wrong here.
Time to admit as much, rather than saying they suck because you overpaid for little mac.
The only actual issue with them is the stock shortages, and Nintendo's already moving to correct those now that the port strikes aren't holding back shipments.

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PeteyMcPickle1322d ago

Lol at the people complaining about this. This isn't the kind of DLC that's on disc and released at launch. This is ADDITIONAL content made after release. This stuff is just a bonus. And this isn't me just defending Nintendo, as i'm cool with any company bringing in DLC if it's done right. Dark Souls 2 for example brought in DLC a few months after release, and was very clearly just an expanison of the game made AFTER release, and I was all over that. You don't see all the CoD fanboys complaining about their extra zombies maps etc.

XboxDD1322d ago

"You don't see all the CoD fanboys complaining about their extra zombies maps etc."

That was kinda unnecessary.

Concertoine1322d ago

This is a week after launch though

ZaWarudo1321d ago

That dude looks like a male Bayonetta.

Xavior_Reigns1321d ago

LOL! Nice catch, I can totally see it.

raWfodog1321d ago (Edited 1321d ago )

Maybe all of this extra content will be included in the NA release as part of a complete edition. *fingers crossed*

themonado1321d ago

That means they might have to do 2 discs then. They said a little while back that they almost filled up all of the storage on one disc.

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