Media Create sales (4/20 - 4/26) - Bravely Second debut

Media Create published the latest Japanese hardware/software sales, including the debut of Square Enix's Bravely Second.

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Geobros1058d ago

In my opinion Bravely Default has no good start in Japan.

DonkeyDoner1058d ago (Edited 1058d ago )

yeah considering the 3ds fanbase in japan but dont worry SE will keep milking that shit

gokuking1057d ago

For RPGs in Japan most of their sales come from those first few days, so ...

NoctisPendragon1057d ago

But not in 2 days , even more i think they count only a lil more than 1 day since the sales are really fresh.
Next week this game will still be N°1 as a 3DS game.

jjonez181057d ago

That does make a slight difference. It won't have a severe drop like other RPG's. It should do fine in the next couple weeks, especially with Golden Week coming up.

Knushwood Butt1057d ago

Where are you guys the following week when the sales have dropped by more than 50% ?

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Magicite1057d ago

PS4 doing great, being most expensive system.

Haru1057d ago

PS4 outsold the xbox one ps3 and vita combined

DonkeyDoner1057d ago

xbone rarely sold ove 500 unit

5yb5n6u1057d ago

The latest Japanese hardware sales from Media Create are as follows:

3DS – 2,104
New 3DS – 18,472
Vita – 14,718
Wii U – 6,215
PlayStation 4 – 19,516
Xbox One – 508
PS3 – 3,721

Funny order, i thought for a moment that this might be the slowest week in memory with 3ds sold 2000 unit coming top.

and then i realize that the writer just list them under Most Liked - Most disliked order, maybe.

MasterCornholio1057d ago (Edited 1057d ago )

"and then i realize that the writer just list them under Most Liked - Most disliked order, maybe."

I dont think the Japanease like the XB1 more than the PS3. But that's just my opinion.

No idea why he put them in such a strange order.

5yb5n6u1057d ago

i mean for his or her own taste, not the whole country

MasterCornholio1057d ago (Edited 1057d ago )


Ah OK now I understand what you mean. Then I agree with you on that.

superchiller1057d ago (Edited 1057d ago )

Except the PS4 is much more "liked" in Japan than almost everything else, so your analogy really doesn't work.

S2Killinit1057d ago

So much for "loosing momentum" comment. They all seem to be on the up turn, reletive to last week.

Leaguer1057d ago

201 for the One..on track to a million sales. :)

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