Xbox One Wireless Controller rechargeable battery packs discounted

The prices for several Xbox One Wireless Controller rechargeable battery packs have been discounted, including the dreamGEAR Xbox One Dual Charging Dock ($19.99), Nyko Charge Base ($15.99) and Microsoft Xbox One Play and Charge Kit ($21.99).

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RJ920091324d ago

I have this for both my ps4 and xbox one it comes in handy when one dies just pop in on and bam good to go no cords along the living room floor!!

3-4-51323d ago

I need to get a pack but normal batteries last a long time even if your playing really long sessions.

RJ920091323d ago

It's worth it imo. Especially for the PS4 when one dies bam on the charger and the other is all green waiting for.

Deathdeliverer1324d ago

I have not found my solution for my Xbox One battery situation. Partially cause I have not looked. I get great prices on Duracell quantum batteries so I am currently fine.