PlayStation Plus members can snag 5 free Resident Evil PlayStation avatars

Dealspwn reports: "Free stuff alert! PlayStation Plus members can grab a free set of Resident Evil Avatars this week, including Ada, Leon, Barry, Jill and obviously Wesker."

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Blues Cowboy1242d ago

That'll be the Jill Sandwich :P

ironcrow23861242d ago

and once again for some reason the ps3 get the better deals

Blues Cowboy1242d ago

Because it's older, so there are more legacy games to discount and lower margins. The PS4 will have its day, but it's still a baby when it comes to what they can reasonably discount.

Crimzon1242d ago

I haven't even been able to find any avatars in the PSN store for PS4, it's stupid.

Skate-AK1242d ago

That is because there hasn't been any released.

Baka-akaB1242d ago

besides IF you ties the ps4 to a social network , it can just use your pic from said netwirk . Meaning you can have any avatar you want that way for free .

If you dont want to deal with facebook and others , just make some dummie account to associate with just for the picture

Clover9041242d ago

@baka-akaB you absolutely do not have to go out of your way and create a dummie Facebook account in order to create a custom avatar pic. All you have to do is download the PlayStation app onto your smartphone or tablet, sign in, click on your profile, change pic, and choose to take a pic right then and there or choose a pic already downloaded to your device. So simple. I have both an iPhone and iPad. I'd imagine it works the same way on android device. Enjoy, and be creative :)

Clover9041242d ago

You know you can use whatever picture you want for your ps4 avatar, right?

Toiletsteak1242d ago

I just want to know what the PS+ free games are going to be, rumour is PS4 will get Rayman Legends, Knack and Shovel Knight but i doubt it's true.

Blues Cowboy1242d ago

Japan is getting Trials Fusion, reckon that could happen here too. Lots of DLC to sell.

MilkMan1242d ago

That would actually be nice, But doubtful.

Brooklynbully1231242d ago

I use my Facebook profile pic

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