Grand Theft Auto V PC Review | Frugal Gaming

FGUK's Ferris Hall takes and in-depth look and review of GTA PC version.

Was it worth the wait?

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FrugalDaz1153d ago

It really does live up to the hype.

It looks completely stunning on PC, roll on those mods!

--bienio--1153d ago

Complete edition simple Pc Rules:)

UglyGeezer1153d ago

Nice review!

The online can still be a bit glitchy, but it is incredible.

urwifeminder1153d ago

Have not got it yet but will eventually looks great.

WizzroSupreme1152d ago

Funny, the two biggest things to come out of this generation so far were the two times that GTA V was rereleased. But I'm more than happy with a 4K Los Santos.