Funny Glitch Turns Bloodborne Into Old-School GTA

What if you could play Bloodborne from an isometric perspective?

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BumperSticker1327d ago

haha, that's actually pretty awesome

Toiletsteak1327d ago

It makes it look more like Diablo type game.

SunnyZ1327d ago

Why play the GTA SA intro soundtrack?
If it looks like the original top down GTA vuew, they should have used the original GTA 1 into soundtrack which IMO is MUCH more fitting =D

Furesis1327d ago

a lot of people don't know about that so putting a SA song was smarter because more people could relate to it

Oschino19071327d ago

But it doesn't, not even close. Kotaku just keeps one upping themselves in the mentally challenged race.

@SunnyZ, exactly. They were trying too hard but forgot the "trying" part.

@Toiletsteak, I agree, they would have been better off with a Diablo comparison.

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