Star Wars Battlefront producer responds to community concerns

MWEB GameZone writes: "Some of the most prominent concerns are the 40-player limit design choice, how DICE handles community feedback and how map design will influence shortcut purchases

Thankfully, a Star Wars Battlefront producer has come to the rescue, answering some pressing questions. Here are the details."

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Zaphire1297d ago

At least my expectations aren't so high for this game as it was for Battlefield 4! Hope it gives an awesome experience and not one that will be similar to Medal of Honor which died within months.

Sillicur1297d ago

For Battlefront fans, this is the one game they have been waiting for for so long. Expecations are so high, i wonder if the devs can ever meet it.

Zaphire1297d ago

Yes definitely but for Battlefield 4 we expected a really good competitive platform which wasn't given, so at least for this game I will only be expecting good public games :)

hells_supernova1297d ago

They Cannot it is not possible

hay1297d ago

I'm pretty sure and concerned it will be a Battlefield game, but instead of "Shoot 'em!" we'll hear "Blast 'em!".

DeadlyFire1297d ago

Not likely to meet expectations that have been building upon themselves over years.

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_-EDMIX-_1297d ago (Edited 1297d ago )

Not sure what you mean as BF4 still has a huge active install base of players. I still actively play BF4 a couple times a week.

I got exactly what I was expecting in terms of a BF game, regardless of its struggling launch. Those launch issues are not stopping fans from playing it right now lol.

Check out the actual active numbers, they don't lie. I'm not even sure what you could have been possibly expecting. BF4 is a great BF game and had everything I was expecting it to have.

As a Battlefield fan and Battlfront fan, I'm not going into Battlefront 3 with any expectations that are not warranted.

New generation, new engine and new developers, I'm not going into SW BF3 seeking it to be anything like BF2 as...again, different engine, different gen, different developer.

@Sillicur- DICE are one of the best teams in gaming to do multiplayer games, the game is in good hands. DICE offers great support post launch for maps and other content, as well as nice balancing.

I've played so many MPs over the years from CS, Halo, COD, etc, BF is one of the few series that is the most consistent in terms of concept and quality.

Concept remains the same, team building. Its about supporting classes along with assaulting classes, you never really need to be a great shot to have a good time in a BF game, give out ammo, health, revive, spot people, make spawn points to help the team etc. That concept has remained through the whole series.

If anything, I would hope that DICE adds that concept to SW BF as its a great concept that rewards team work more then kills, in fact kills in BF games don't grant you that many points compared to actually supporting your team.

and many SW games have sold very, very poorly due to low quality. This game is backed by a very great team and a pretty good publisher when it comes to marketing and post launch support. (lol, no matter how much one hates EA, they know how to market and support a title post launch, hell I can name like 5 EA games I'll buy day 1 lol, Mass Effect 4, Mirrors Edge 2, BF5, SW BF, Bioware's new ip likely others)

Sillicur1297d ago

I completely agree that they are one of the best teams in gaming to do multiplayer games! But the expectations for this game is set so very very high. If anyone can pull it off, i think it will be DICE.

3-4-51297d ago

* Star Wars is here to stay for the next 5 years.

It's almost a given that there will be another Battlefront in 2017 or 2018 so whatever isn't in this game should or could be in that one.

* There are a lot of other Star Wars games that just didn't appeal to me. This one does.

I don't think it will be legendary but I'm not expecting it to be.

I just hope it's more fun than the last few COD's and Battlefield games I've played.

CongoKyle1297d ago

I won't be too concerned to be honest. Battlefront II was amazing, and that game came out ages ago. This is going to be great simply because Star Wars.

Sillicur1297d ago

At the very least, it will sell very well, because star wars :)

PlayableGamez1297d ago

I hope you know Star Wars has their fair share of bad games. Don't be such a fanboy.

SegaGamer1297d ago

Battlefront 2 was indeed amazing, but this game is being done by totally different people and by the looks of things hasn't got anywhere near as much content as Battlefront 2.

_-EDMIX-_1297d ago

That can be said about many games, but one needs to factor in quality of the content vs the quantity. I was never expecting even slightly for the exact same content being done on frostbite 3 as that is a crazy, crazy endeavor.

I spoke about this concept when BF3 was being created as many where asking for certain types of levels that BF2 had, not factoring that maps on BF currently have much more layers of work done to them then those BF2 maps 10 years prior.

Real time lighting, textures, destruction, physics etc, more goes into a game now then it did 10 years ago.

(used this example before but many might get it better then BF2 vs BF3 reference)

Thats like expecting the same amount of content from FFIV in all newer FF as if an open world, airship and towns should take the same amount of time in 3D as they did in sprite.... just because they are the same features in concept, doesn't not mean they would take the same amount of work and time to create them as they did prior, so expecting all those features by default is a bit strange.

Consider FFXV is the first FF to do this in 3D since FFIX and its taken almost 10 years to even get completed from its original concept in 2005, its a massive, massive undertaking and its actually not the same thing when you start to factor in the engine.

Same in what it is based on concept, not the same level of time and level of detail to make it work vs the later titles.

I agree its lessor in terms of just a pure number count of features, but I'd rather they have a next gen quality game, vs lowering quality to hit some number of features without having it have those next gen effects we come to expect.

Consider they have to add in real time lighting, space effects, physics, destruction etc. Those space levels (what I expect to be simalr to the Titan levels in BF 2142...sweet baby jesus that would be sick...but i think it will be like that, if it is where your base is above in space, that would be not only really hard to do using frostbite3, we would expect lots of its quality on the levels)

Example, flying out to each space base if both parties start on a planet and go to space to attack each base, we would expect that in the base when one exist their craft, that destruction of parts of the base could kill plays inside the base ie destroying sections of it would have players get sucked into space! lol I mean I'm partly joking but what if that is what DICE might envision, that is pretty extreme and I'd rather they focus on making it work with quality, then trying to hit features like bullet points.

Didn't mean to plant you a tree either lol, this has been talked about for a while and I feel its due to having a demanding engine and this series being a long term deal for DICE and EA.

BeefCurtains1297d ago

Yeah, battlefront 2 was amazing. But this battlefront comes with less than half as many features.

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urwifeminder1297d ago

Did not get hardline but will be there day one for this played a fair bit of the 2142 mod First Strike hope it is as fun or better.

Peace_Love_and_FPS1297d ago

The good old days of mods in battlefield :(

JasonKCK1297d ago

My guess is the game will be average but end up one of the most popular games of the year because it's Star Wars.

WizzroSupreme1297d ago

Star Wars Battlefront will respond to community concerns, but will it implement fixes? Time will tell.

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