The Most Surprising & Disappointing Omissions From Nintendo's E3 Press Conference

Endsights' Art Green writes:

"Earlier in the week, the three console manufacturers all laid out their vision for 2008 and beyond. In this article, I'm not here to evaluate each of the three press conferences (though, that will be coming in a later article), instead, I'm here to nitpick, bitch and moan, and be generally be a bastard about the omissions from the press conferences that either surprised me, or chapped my ass."

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dannyhinote_133776d ago

That conference was painful.

dannyhinote_133776d ago

Yet, I'm guessing it'll sell millions of copies. Though, I wonder if Wii Music will resonate as well as Wii Fit did with casuals? I'm not sure if the demo did that. Who knows?