Get insanely cheap pre-owned PS4 & Xbox One titles with this generous new glitch

Dealspwn: "Glitch or massive stock clearance? Either way GAME are currently offering massive "promotional discounts" on PS4 and Xbox One pre-owned titles that appear when you add them to your basket."

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TheImprobableMulk1239d ago (Edited 1239d ago )

Some good titles in that list. Fairly tempted buy a few of them despite my backlog already being at ridiculous levels.

WilliamUsher1239d ago

Yep, those are some really good deals.

bggriffiths1239d ago

Nice. The pile is set to grow a little today I think.

Blues Cowboy1239d ago (Edited 1239d ago )

Willing to bet they'll fix the glitch soon, unless this is a legit stock clearance. Either way, been dithering for a deal on Alien Iso PS4.

Blues Cowboy1239d ago

You've got to add the games to your basket separately, but it does work! Don't try to buy two or more simultaneously.

Eidolon1239d ago (Edited 1239d ago )

Cheap, but not insanely cheap, I've seen these games at these prices before in US(when you convert to dollar), but I guess it's good for UK :).

hkgamer1239d ago

please dont rub it in like that. we always pay a premium so when we get good deals we dont want to hear hor much cheaper it is in the US. >.<

Eidolon1239d ago (Edited 1239d ago )

It's hasn't been cheaper in U.S., but about equal, so it's a good price if you got it for that much. And it's not like it is normal price here, you really gotta wait for those deals.

SirBillyBones1239d ago

Can't get it to work, I think it's been fixed.

Blues Cowboy1239d ago (Edited 1239d ago )

Still works for me (at least Titanfall does, that's the one I checked). Make sure you add only one game to the basket at a time! If you try to check out with more than one game it won't work.

SirBillyBones1239d ago

I tried all the suggested tips, no luck.

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