First Custom Firmware for Wii Released

Waninkoko has released the first Custom Firmware for the Nintendo Wii and also the first emulator to read Writeable DVDs on an unmodified Wii, [...]

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jkoz3750d ago

Lol, time to stop buying Wii games

Rob0g0rilla3750d ago

I could see them giving us the ability to play music in any game. It's already there on the PSPs.

SiLeNt KNighT3750d ago

its cool too because the wii and psp are about the same as far as graphics and power go =P its just the psp has better games. i use my psp more in a week than i use my wii in a year. serious!!

Bnet3433750d ago

This tempts me to buy a Wii ... for my mom that is.

mf_fm3750d ago (Edited 3750d ago )

LOL, lies! LOL

LOL, lies! LOL

REPLOID243750d ago

brave enough to try these custom fws. i wouldn't want to brick my systems.

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