Mighty No. 9 pre-orders open, price listed at $30

Pre-orders are now live for Mighty No. 9’s physical version.

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MrSwankSinatra1209d ago

hmmm should I get Wii U or PS4, decisions decisions...

ZeroX98761208d ago

If you have both choices, I would buy it on PS4. I prefer the smooth and fast menu with the share/stream features of the PS4.

BUT again, a classic platformer would be awesome to play in your home via the Wii U gamepad....

If you got yourself a vita, get the PS4 version. If not, then the Wii U version would be great :)

RmanX10001209d ago

I know I'm getting a WiiU version because money is hard to get so I only have a WiiU :P

Agent_hitman1209d ago

Finally, a spiritual successor to Mega Man game. I'm excited for this already.

RiPPn1209d ago

INdie games are really trying to push that price up and without retail release they don't see nearly the sales of retail AAA titles.

MegaRay1209d ago

Not preordering until they announce a Vita September release.

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