Is it Time Developers Abandon the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3?

The Xbox 360 and PS3; many of us have had the time of our lives with these systems over the past decade or so. Even though it's tough to think of, could it be time Developers start abandoning the PS3 and Xbox 360? Just because developers are abandoning them, should we start abandoning our once loved systems? Let's face it, the systems are aging, as gracefully as they are aging there are some drawbacks to keeping these dinosaurs around.

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Paytaa1324d ago

Both the 360 and PS3 had a fantastic run with many unforgettable games but I think 2015 into 2016 should be where we leave these consoles behind. It's been a near decade which is very long in terms of console generations aside from the PS2. We need devs to fully tap into current-gen so we get more of those unforgettable experiences but on new hardware. I think if Black Ops 3 is really only current gen, then that's a sign more will follow since the adoption rate will sky rocket after this year.

crxss1323d ago

haven't they pretty much already? Are there games coming out exclusively for the last gen still?

If a game is multi-platform, say Madden, they mine as well keep pumping out last gen games. Doesn't cost them that much and if a gamer doesn't have the current gen then they can still enjoy new games.

_-EDMIX-_1323d ago

Agreed. They are still making next gen exclusives, doesn't mean they can't still have PS3 and 360 games coming out once and in while. Its a 160 million plus install base that would make no sense to just stop so soon with.

Mind you...that doesn't mean they can't support both. I really don't get why many feel the need to get rid of one gen or um "abandon" just because new systems released.

Have many not noticed that many indie titles releasing also have PS3 versions?

If they do, who cares? If they didn't max out either system and those games could exist else where, let them.

Many smaller studios will still make PS3 and 360 games and they have no reason to um "abandon" a system based on having better hardware, they can always move on when the install base is there.

God Of War 2 came out after PS3, Persona 3 and 4 came out AFTER PS3, many titles released well into the next gen purely based off of that is just how some publishers make games. Hell, GT6 released very early into PS4's life, I'm sorry but not every publisher needs to jump on the next gen bandwagon just because.

It makes sense to stay back for some titles and it makes sense for those that can afford it to jump in to make a great impression.

Many need to remember that just because 30 million have next gen units, doesn't mean every single last publisher wants to throw in all their titles and gamble on a lose.

It cost more and it has less unit.........

They have great reasons to actually still make last gen versions

rainslacker1323d ago (Edited 1323d ago )

Yes they're coming out still. But most are just localizations of games from Japan. PS3 has seen a good run lately on this front. I don't think there are any big exclusives in development for them anymore, but I'm sure there are smaller titles being made and released for the more casual crowd and the existing install base. Cross gen is still obviously a thing due to the install base,

To the article, there's no reason to abandon it because I feel that's not fair to the owners of the console. If Sony and MS are still making and selling the console, then it should have support. Wanting the dropping support of an install base that far outweighs current gen is just selfish IMO.

I remember about a year before the current gen was revealed the last PS2 game came was Madden I believe. Soon afterwards Sony discontinued manufacturing the PS2.

LonDonE1323d ago (Edited 1323d ago )

Dude the cost to develop a indie game on multiple platforms vs aaa is a massive difference! you cant really compare them.
I think last gen has held back current gen enough, its time to move on!

I wanna see proper games using the current gen strengths not ports wither higher res.
Near 10 years the last gen consoles were out, time people moved on and last gen consoles should of gotten a massive price cut to boot, that way gamers who dont mind being a gen behind can buy all they want and play a massive catalogue of great games.

Destiny is a great example of last gen consoles hampering current gen! after playing master chief collection at 60fps i see no reason why destiny wasn't 60fps on current gen.
Would of played even better and been bigger in every way more then likely.

I suppose sport games and games like cod and battlefield etc and assassins creed could get last gen versions cut down but the way i look at it, the PS4 and xbox one are dirt cheap compared to when new consoles launched in previous gens! the xbox one is a steal and has some crazy cheap prices if people look around same with ps4 deals.

Thing is i think the fact PS3 has free online means it will last very long in 3rd world countries because both current gen xbox and playstation require pay to play online so that itself will make PS3 always be a big seller for more less fortunate people.

Sony consoles always sell way past the sell by date lol PS3 will be no different! and Sony will support it since the cell and blue ray cost them so much, the money they make on it now is all gravy!

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1323d ago

Games are still being made for the PS3, I can't say anything for certain about the xb 360. As long as there is demand for games on the PS3 I don't see why developers shouldn't make games for it. It's not our choice, it's theirs.

freshslicepizza1323d ago

short answer, yes they should stop developing for those systems if they are also co-developing the project on the newer systems too.

the reason is by focusing on both generations you are potentially holding back the game because of the limitations of the older hardware. the other reason is you want more people to get the new hardware so that gaming can advance quicker. a game like destiny would probably have been better if they only focused on the ps4, xbox one and pc.

mikeslemonade1323d ago

The last gen systems should have been abandoned in 2011.

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Xer0_SiN1323d ago

ps3 is gonna follow pretty much on the same path as the ps2. still pumping numbers well into the life cycle of the ps4. as for BIg exclusives? doubt it. but im sure developers, especially sony will throw a bone here and there for those that have yet to jump on the next gen bandwagon.

Magicite1323d ago (Edited 1323d ago )

2015 will be last year for X360, but PS3 will have continued support, mainly from Japanese devs, as example look at next star ocean and persona 5.
Lets not forget that PS3 still sells most software weekly (trading places with PS4 occasionally).

Agent_hitman1324d ago

No, I think it's not the time yet.

Xof1323d ago

Of course not. They have a larger install base, and developers want to make money.

Rimeskeem1323d ago

How much of that install base is still active though?

1323d ago
OB1Biker1323d ago

I think many PS4 users still use their PS3 occasionally. For instance I buy the PS3 version of kiddy games instead of the PS4 version for price/HD space and I think PS3 is very kid friendly to use

PhoenixUp1323d ago

Does the fact PS3 still sells the most software weekly mean nothing to you

Rimeskeem1323d ago

I'll leave these statistics here

yes its just battlefield but it still good

DragonKnight1323d ago

This debate occurs every new gen. The fact of the matter is that you can't ask this question without having a broad knowledge of global gaming statistics. There are some places that didn't get a PS2 until it's final years, same with the PS3. There's the fact that money is tight for everyone these days and it's very likely a lot of people are sticking with older consoles until they can justify moving forward. The userbase, at least on the PS3, is still very active.

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spacedelete1323d ago (Edited 1323d ago )

most of the active gamers on last gen are either saving up for current gen consoles, just living off their free games on PS Plus or just buying second hand games cheap. only a very small minority is actually still buying brand new games. developers still supporting last gen need to stop looking at GTAV's sales. GTAV was at the right place at the right time and it was 5 years since IV so gamers were hyped and it was the last game on last gen for most people. last gen will just get the yearly sports games like FIFA, lego games and a few obscure jrpgs from now on. it doesn't help last gen consoles that they are still expensive. PS4 isn't that much more expensive than a PS3's RRP so a person might as well buy a current gen console that will be more future proof.

Stiffler1323d ago

Yes. If it means taking away resources from PC/PS4/XB1, then I believe it's only logical to stop supporting last-gen. It had a good run and now is the time tuck the 360 and PS3 into bed and say goodnight.

My 2 cents anyways.

rainslacker1323d ago

last gen games are typically outsourced to a developer other than the one making the current gen titles...for cross gen games.

Retroman1323d ago

Abandon ps3??? hell to the nooooo! play my ps1,ps2 games on that baby . ps4 got she-it for me to play as of yet.

open world shooters not for me.

rainslacker1323d ago

I'm still buying newly released games for my PS3 because there are tons of games coming out for it. PS4 and Wii U get some love, but most of my gaming right now is on the Vita or PS3.

TXIDarkAvenger1323d ago

Yeah hopefully by the end of this year. 2 years is plenty of time to move on to the next generation.

_-EDMIX-_1323d ago

.....bud PS4 and XONE won't be at 100 million in 2 years.