Xenoblade Chronicles X – Gameplay Preview (1080p 60fps) | PlayerEssence

Xenoblade Chronicles X is out in Japan. PlayerEssence takes a look at the final build of the game, from controls to combat.

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WizzroSupreme1329d ago

This game will be my one true love this year.

Errefus1329d ago

more like recording a 720p game in 1080p

jobboy1329d ago

and a 30fps game in 60fps

KaladinStormblessed1329d ago

That's seriously what you guys are concerned about? It's pretty obvious that he means the video is 1080p and 60fps and not the game.

herbs1328d ago

Did you guys know there is more to good graphics than just resolution and frame rate. Oh nope you didn't because you're amateurs...

Errefus1328d ago (Edited 1328d ago )


of course we know but you know some people still think this game is 1080p which its not....

heck there are people that think mario kart and splatoon are 1080p....

Neonridr1328d ago

@Errefus - just like some people thought the Order was rendered at 1080p too.

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MilkMan1329d ago

Xenoblade C looks great.

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