The Issue of Game Length

With controversy over The Order's game length lingering, is it still fair to judge the value of a game by how long it takes to complete?

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Applejack1323d ago

The value of the game is based on the one who's playing it and I really like the point brought about The Witcher. The claim of it taking about 200 hours to fully complete it is a VERY long time and hopefully it doesn't get old and repetitive. There are others games in The Order's genre that are not too far off with its length. Here's another good point.

"Like so many forms – including book series and tv series – it’s also good for video game developers to remember that sometimes it’s best to choose your exit soon, go out while you’re still loved, rather than dragging things on and on until the audience member or game player becomes tired of you and turns you off before the story has even ended".

Now I'm not saying The Order was perfect, not even close, but it was unfairly criticized even before it released.

DigitalRaptor1323d ago (Edited 1323d ago )

Good article.... I'll help by offering a lesson of perspective:

Journey - 2 hour game - $15 - barely any "proper" gameplay.

The Last of Us: Left Behind - 2 hour DLC - $15 - a mix of "proper" gameplay and QTE/cutscene.

The Order: 1886 - 6-10 hour game - $60 - a mix of "proper" gameplay and QTE/cutscene.

Buy 3 Blu-ray movies from Amazon - 5.5 hours of runtime - $50 - no gameplay.

Cinema outing - 1-2 hours - $20 - no gameplay (can only watch it once).

Meal in a restaurant - 1-2 hours - $30 per person - no gameplay (can only eat the same food once).

Can you see how obtuse the gaming media and haters have been when it comes to judging this game's length against value for money? Incredibly obtuse and hypocritical.

gangsta_red1323d ago (Edited 1323d ago )

Your comparisons and points makes absolutely zero sense and has no perspective since no one knows what you even mean by "proper". What do you mean by "proper", what is "proper" gameplay?

Journey barely had "proper" gameplay? Last of Us...a mix of "proper" gameplay?

What three(?) blu-ray movies are you even referring too?

Eating and watching a movie are forms of entertainment but are you really trying to compare those experiences with playing video games and especially the gaming media and it's critics? I mean doesn't movies have their own separate critics along with Music and Food? If a food dish at a restaurant tastes bad and is reviewed as such would the chefs point the finger at The Order and say well for $60 they also did this?

I don't know why you keep defending The Order and trying to say that it was judged harshly on it's length alone. The length was just one of the many long list of problems that almost all critics and gamers found within the game.

admiralvic1323d ago

Maybe its me, but I've never understood why people try to justify one thing with bad examples of another thing.

Like which cinema are you going to that has $20 tickets? As of right now I can buy a ticket to see the Avengers in IMAX 3D on release at primetime, which is twice as much (almost 3x when compared to 10 a.m.) as seeing it before 5 p.m., yet still roughly $4 cheaper than your figure, at my local AMC theater. Perhaps you define going to the cinema as buying multiple tickets, paying for all the thrills (IMAX, 3D, popcorn, pop), but for most people this is going to be an $8 - $12 expense.

The same goes for a meal at a restaurant. Even if you ignore things like fast food, $30 is a lot for a single person to pay for a meal. I mean, you can easily go to a place like Outback, get a steak dinner (even a 16 oz prime rib is around $20), a liquored drink, get taxed, tip (10%) and still probably end up paying less than $30.

I mean, I think I get your point, which is to say I believe you're trying to say it isn't the length, but the enjoyment that matters (something that I fully agree with), though when you throw out extremes like $20 trips to the movies and $30 meals, it sounds like you're trying to sell the length as a good deal more than anything else.

spicelicka1323d ago (Edited 1323d ago )

That's the stupidest comparison ever. Firstly get blu-rays, cinemas and restaurant out of there as they have nothing to do with gaming. The rest are all games, and everyone has their own judgement of value.

Sometimes quality, replayability, and experience overshadow lack of gameplay. Sometimes gameplay overshadows the other factors. There's no such thing as "haters", every game is disliked by a certain group of people for many reasons, when that becomes a majority you'll hear about it on the internet, and there's nothing wrong with that.

It's not like the Order was the only game with a short length, every game that has had this issue has been criticized before. So we're just supposed to ignore our real feelings and attitude towards a game because it's considered "hypocritical" by some guy's standards??

AudioEppa1323d ago (Edited 1323d ago )

People need to get over the fact that some developers want to do different things from what others are doing (The order) don't like it? then it wasn't a game for you.

I swear some of you people act like every fudging game has to be to something for you.

I don't expect everyone to like my favorite games, so don't expect the same in return, enjoy what you like and stop arguing about it to win a internet debate.

Kane221323d ago

thank you. also these are the same idiots who'll buy these open world games never actually complete them. but is more than happy to throw the order under the bus for "short" gameplay....

mamotte1323d ago

Different things? Cover shooting from nine years ago, were you find coverage and shoot from the same spot for minutes? Spawning enemies? Red explosive barrels? Red screen of damage? An obligatory sniper level, where no one can spot a guy with a sniper rifle on the goddamn second floor? Short scripts to make the world "live" by saying two quotes and then standing still? A "Bads are goods" plot twist? QTE with only triangle button all the time? FMV?, All under a paint of beautiful graphics? An original story about werewolves and vampires settled in the victorian age?

Yeah... diferent.

Joe9131323d ago

Everyone is a elitist now a days. Just read how people talk to each other in the comments like what they say is somehow better and right and anyone who disagree should die lol. Really though you see this in comments sections for everything from games to movies people think their opinions are fact and should be treated like gold lol I blame the internet half these people act like they are all knowing gods.

AudioEppa1323d ago

You better watch what you say, the dislike police are going to get you on here lol

Rookie_Monster1323d ago (Edited 1323d ago )

I have no problem with short game, but the uninspired and short gameplay and no MP player or coop are the downfall of the Order.

mamotte1323d ago

It's more about what we expect from a game. Also, what the game is itself. Why do everyone use The Order as example, and then compare it to other "short" games? It's not because The Order is short; problem is, it was sold to us as a revolutionary game, and all we got is cover shooting game and QTE, and they weren't done well. Hell, even the story is derivative and generic, and it has red explosive barrels. It takes all the boring and generic elements that games had two gens ago and sell it as a quality revolution. Anyway, that's the problem with the order. It's just a so-so "game", glorified by the hype. As everyone know we had Heavy Rain and Beyond, and the entire graphic adventure game, but those games are made to work that way. They dont say Heavy Rain is an action game, with great shooting. It's a weird game, not for everyone, but at least is well done. The story is intriging, the writing is good, and has different finals. The Order is a mix between this and Gears of War, but as every multifunctional printer, it doesnt excel at nothing.

Now, back to the point. Lenght. What is our standar for a "game" What do you like to play? Do you use the same ruler with COD and, let's say Ni No Kuni? Obviosuly Ni No Kuni is longer. Now, do you use the same ruler with Ni No Kuni and Red dead Redemption? Maybe, even if they're different, they're supposed to give about the same gamepay time. And what about RDR and a Disgaea game? Disgaea is almost eternal.

So, what's the point here? If I buy an RPG or an open world game, I for sure will be ready for a 15-20 hours game, more if I want to find everything. If I buy an action game, it'll be 8-12 hours maybe, and more if I'm interested in multiplayer. If I buy a fighting game, I'll play it alone for an hour, but I dont know how much will I play it with friends. That about commercial games. Now if I buy an indie game, I expect it to be short, but the price is fair. we just cant expect all games to be the same lenght, and we cant expect the same from every game.

Do we need an standar for every genre? Yes, mostly. For single player games, at least. Is the order too short? Yes. however, Vanquish was the same lenght, but it was 5-6 hours of just fast paced glorious gameplay that you can play again and again and check your stats to see if you're doing better or worst. If a game is short, at least give us an incentive to play it again, make it fun for god's sake.

So, finally. Is the Order a good example to analyze if games are too short? Definitely not.

Sorry about the bad english. And the wall of text.

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