80% bought FF Type-0 to play Final Fantasy XV demo

A survey from Square Enix revealed that 4 out of 5 people who bought Final Fantasy Type 0 did so for a chance to play the demo for the upcoming RPG game.

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armogangsta1327d ago

Part of that 80 percent, but Final Fantasy Type 0 HD is awesome.

crazed_shadow271327d ago (Edited 1327d ago )

They should've given the demo for free as an apology for it taking this long.

MegaRay1327d ago

Atleast they gave us a free game (type0)

OT: if I had a PS4 the percent would be %81

crazed_shadow271327d ago

True a lot of people would've missed a good game.

Adrian_v011327d ago

That's not how percentages work >.>

Snookies121327d ago

There will be a free demo (not this one). If the director of the game's words are anything to go by. It's just that people who picked up Type-0 early on got to check out something sooner.

Zichu1327d ago

I'm also part of that 80%, but Type-0 is a decent game. I am still playing it.

Kurisu1327d ago

I bought Type-0 HD for Type-0 HD. Would have bought it even without the FFXV demo. However as far as Final Fantasy titles go I've go to say I'm pretty disappointed with Type-0 as a whole. The combat is fun and it's nice to have so many gameplay styles but the story is pretty bad and the character / magic upgrade system feels pretty uninspired. The blurry camera could have been made much better as well. With that said I'm still glad the game made it to the West, and I guess at the end of the day it is just simply a remaster of a PSP game. Maybe I was expecting too much.

hkgamer1327d ago

i could be totally wrong, but maybe the character/magic system was made more for the multiplayer component when it was designed for the psp. single player and making game less grindy probably affected the game in a big way.

cant say much though since i have yet to play the psp/hd version

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The story is too old to be commented.