Tekken 7 Keys Stolen in Car Break-in, Game Could Skip Upcoming Events in the US

Madcatz has been bringing Tekken 7 to various events across the US, and yesterday the Community & Sponsorship Manager Mark Julio was in Seattle for the Northwwest Majors in Des Moines, but unfortunately something unexpected happened.

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DarkOcelet1325d ago

Poor fella. Who ever did that to his car is POS. That could cost him his work. SMH

Good thing that he is safe though.

Abriael1325d ago

I seriously doubt he's going to be fired. A car break-in is an event that can't really be helped, after all.

KillerResistance1325d ago

ye it can, if they want to break into your car, you break into their car, and since it would take long to find that. Break into their "trunk", I think you know where this is going. >:D

DarkOcelet1325d ago

The information in his car could have been very important and that would make a problem for him. So he could have been fired.

sarshelyam1325d ago don't leave stuff like that in your car.

comebackkid98911325d ago

@KillerResistance I don't know if you're implying sodomy or elephant abuse, but it better not be the latter.

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Randostar1325d ago

Sorry, companies don't fire you when someone steals stuff from you. If you lost it..........Thats a different story.

DarkOcelet1325d ago

In some countries, they dont btw. The item is your responsibility, whether it was stolen or lost. The consequences are the same unfortunately.

ReBurn1325d ago

Some companies absolutely do. It sucks, but it happens.

q8kik1325d ago

I really doubt that MarkMan would be fired

He contributed sooooo much to the fighting games community.

wraith49121325d ago

Never leave your keys in your car dumbass ;)

SunnyZ1325d ago

They smashed the window open with his car keys to gain access...

SunnyZ1324d ago

Oh LOL!.
Yeah... I'm a moron xD

kingPoS1325d ago

Ok I'm confused, just what kind of keys were stolen? A security dongle that allows an unreleased arcade game to function?!?

Gateway MT6706 2008

Abriael1325d ago

Security encryption key.

hkgamer1325d ago

is it very japanese to say that he was lucky nothing dangerous happened to him?

just thought it was common courtesy.

kinda like saying thank god you was safe/OK

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