Nintendo’s Take on DLC – Someone Finally Gets It

Super Smash Bros. creator Masahiro Sakura denounces modern DLC practices. Do gamers finally have a white knight to protect us from greedy publishers?

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wonderfulmonkeyman1299d ago (Edited 1299d ago )

Smash, MK8, and Hyrule Warriors all have their DLC done extremely well, and even their free updates are a step above many others.
With most other publishers, something like 200CC in MK8 would be paid content, for example, or even day 1 DLC.
If this is a result of how new Nintendo is to modern DLC, I hope they continue acting as if its all new to them.
It feels good to get so much content, that was made after the main games were already stuffed with content instead of being cut from the main games to sell later, as extras down the road.

freshslicepizza1299d ago

"Plus, if you were looking to make a profit, DLC would be the way to go. Development is more costly than ever, yet the price of games has remained the same, so more income would help offset that imbalance."

yet when i explain that to people i get called a shill. a game like smash bros. sells a lot of copies so it's doubtful any of those games lose them money but it would be very easy for them to get even more money through dlc if they chose to go in that direction. so it's good to see his stance on it and his honesty about how he feels about the wrong approach to dlc. not all dlc is bad and is actually quite good if done properly.

_-EDMIX-_1299d ago

"yet when i explain that to people i get called a shill"

100% agreed. Mind you, this crowd is the crowd that has bad mouthed DLC the most over the years.

I've always felt this published needed it quite a lot and was stupid for not even doing it for years as they tend to do many titles once a gen. They pretty much left lots of money on the table for years. Its good to see that folks finally get that not all last bits of DLC are just content cut from games and that to a certain extant, they just can't be.

ie BF series had never just had a title release with 40 maps at launch. Now that this base of gamers gets DLC....NOW they actually get it. lol. Not all DLC is what games claim them to all be.

The reality is one will never really know what was made "during development" and really...who the hell cares?

Those whining and crying about such a thing are a bit too entitled and don't fully get that they are buying a product that is owned by someone else, they don't own the team, publisher nor the IP.

The developer and publisher are free to very much choose what they want as DLC and what will be featured in the game. Mind you most have DLC done by other teams while the game is being made.

DLC is extra content, it was made to be extra content, without a method to charge for would never be made.

Think about, how many games have released in gaming prior to the digital distribution model for extra content, that some how had more content prior to?

Skyrim was bigger then Oblivion, Oblivion bigger then Morrorwind etc.

GTAV was bigger then GTAIV and had more content...and had DLC. The whole idea of content being stripped from or game being made lessor for DLC is not only baseless, many, many games sorta show that to not be true and it makes more sense to just have another team making post launch content during development.

But at the end of the day, if they indeed are doing that, again...who cares?

I'll love Witcher 3, Batman, MGSV etc regardless of the dlc the comes out for them later on. If its a complete game and proves it point with lots of content, that is all we can really ask for.

affrogamer1299d ago

MK8 DLC is the best and also the only DLC I've spent my money on besides TLOUS DLC for PS3!

_-EDMIX-_1299d ago

They do...but that isn't out of the norm. We really only have a few examples of DLC done bad by publishers and even those publishers its on a game by game basis. Most DLC is done the way Nintendo is actually doing it.

"With most other publishers, something like 200CC in MK8 would be paid content, for example, or even day 1 DLC"

?? "most" you don't really know that and day 1 DLC is quite rare, its not this ever release type thing and it isn't some major feature or even game mode.


"It feels good to get so much content, that was made after the main games were already stuffed with content instead of being cut from"

You don't really know that, in fact no one actually does other then them. They can work on DLC during, after, it really doesn't matter, its up to them and its their IP to do with as they feel just.

What does it matter that 200cc was planned DURING development?

So if they told you "bad" but if they didn't and waited "good"? lol, the reality is no one knows when they came up with the concept but them. They could have made lots of this content and just waited to release it after the game was done and nothing is wrong with that.

Whats wrong is gamers thinking its some how "bad" that a company does this. Its their ip, their studio and their product. You are buying the game, not the studio, you don't some how own the right to content that was never even made for the final product JUST because it was made during the time of development.

Its an extra for a reason. Even if it was "cut" from the main game.....what does it matter? Its not your IP, they can freely take out what ever they feel.

I'm fine with how EA does DLC, I'm fine with how Nintendo does DLC, most publishers do a fine job with it. Most gamers don't like DLC based on some form of entitlement and assumption of owning all that the team creates vs buying a damn product for what it actually is.

You mad at fast food chains for charging for fries too? I mean, they made it while they made your burger, should that not be included and not "cut" from your meal? You very much get what you pay for and your not some how entitled to every thing the team creates.

3-4-51299d ago

* So far I'd say Mario Kart 8 handheld it the best.

* Full game is $60 and comes with 16 new + 16 retro tracks

* DLC is $11 and includes 16 tracks + 8 karts + 6 characters + kart parts.

* For basically $10 your getting another half of the game.

That is kind of how the awesome 90's PC expansions were, where you could pay like $20-40 and get almost an entire new games worth of content.

Realplaya1298d ago

Except it isn't $11.00 it's less.

sinncross1299d ago (Edited 1299d ago )

Having content available day 1 on a game locked behind the requirement of an Amiibo figure, is not DLC done right.

Im sorry, but having a whole game mode not accessible in MP10, or the 45 bonus missions and costume gear not accessible in Splatoon without needing to first pay for an amiibo, is not in any way DLC done right. (especially when this content comes ships directly on the disc you buy)

Nintendo has had some good DLC avenues, but some of them others are just straight up bad.

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TheDreamCorridor1299d ago (Edited 1299d ago )

Shut up, Nintendo hardly does downloadable anything right.

Certain developers and publishers have been updating and proving new content for free on their games already.

This article is just more Nintendo fanboy dribble, praising Nintendo for something that's already been done before, like people have been doing with Nintendo since forever.

Nintendo doesn't really deserve any praise on their online front.

SteamPowered1299d ago

I think when you focus on the value of the Dlc, that is where nintendo shines. Rather than a shoddy Season Pass with content deliberately left out, Ninty strives to add new content to a polished game.
You can't tell me MK8 wasn't made with loving care. The Dlc pack 1 and 2 only add to an incredible game.

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KryptoniteTail1299d ago

Nice. Finally a developer for the fans on this issue. Even certain gamers are sheepishly following these evil practices, maybe hearing it straight from the developers that it is bad will wake you idiots up.

its_JEFF1299d ago

I don't think anyone really done DLC "well". From what I've heard of Nontendos new StreetPass "DLC" it's a bit much, but I didn't understand it very well as I don't have a 3DS but the guys taking about it, GiantBomb, use it extensively and were bummed about it. I also consider Amibos a form of DLC, just like Skylanders and Disney Infiniti... I think those figures are just as bad as any other DLC out there but people seem to more okay with it, which I'm guess is partly because it's giving you something physical... oh and the collectibility of them of course. I personally feel bad for fans of Amibos, the ones who want to use them for games. Collectors buy up all the figures before you can even get your hands on them. You can still get them but at a premium price now.

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