Man uses gun to get Xbox after Visa balks, police say

Richland Township police probably wish every case could be as easy to solve as this month's armed robbery of a Route 309 video game store.

It was only after his check card was swiped and rejected that Corrie D. Killough showed his gun to clerks at GameStop and stole the Xbox 360 he had been trying to purchase, police said.

Police got a court order for Quakertown National Bank, which had issued the Visa card, and learned that Killough was the owner of the account, police said.

''I don't want to be condescending, but this looked like a candidate for 'America's Dumbest Criminals,''' said township officer Ray Aleman.

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truth for gamers3778d ago

MS: "thats when you know your console is popular"

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LMAO, Funniest comment I have seen in a while. Nicely played.

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Wow, wasted your life over a waste of space.