E3 2008: More Mega Man 9 Details Revealed

Capcom shows off the Blue Bomber's latest adventure on a live stage showing at E3, and while some new details were revealed, there were also some questions left unanswered, as well as a few eyebrow-raising statements upon further analysis.

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REPLOID243803d ago

yes! i can't wait, this is gonna be killer!

Product3803d ago

Man what is with all the wii versions of this floating around....we cant get a sony or 360 footage?
Makes you wonder sometimes....

Smacktard3803d ago

Wh... I can't tell if this comment is a joke or not.

ChickeyCantor3803d ago

The game website does not mention ps3 or 360 either... i really wonder if capcom knows what they are doing.

Product3803d ago

Thats what i am saying if its exclusive....say it dont beat around the bush......and no i wasnt joking.Sidar is right wonder whats going on here?

REPLOID243803d ago (Edited 3803d ago )

capcom press center. it is coming to the big three. kombo isn't exactly a rock solid source.

LBD_Nytetrayn3802d ago

What are you talking about? It's posted across the Wii, PS3, and Xbox 360 sections.