Square’s E3: What Should People Expect?

This year’s E3 is quickly promising to be one of the biggest in the expo’s history. Bethesda recently announced, surprising many, its own press conference for the first time, which will air the day before both Microsoft’s and Sony’s annual shows. But another major publisher is also getting in on the action now, as Square Enix will also have an hour-long conference.

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Abash1329d ago

I really hope they announce Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance HD, but with brand new Final Mix content. I also dream of the day where can get a Re: 358/Days to compliment Kingdom Hearts II: Final Mix HD. The story of the game just completes Kingdom Hearts II and I loved the game on the DS.

DarkOcelet1329d ago

358/days was amazing. Although Roxas deserved a console game not a handheld.

Abash1329d ago

Exactly, which is why they should build an Re: 358/2 Days from the resources of the two Kingdom Hearts HD collections.

3-4-51329d ago

* Hope For:

* Dragon Quest 7 3DS localization
* Dragon Quest 11 announcement
* Dragon Quest 8 HD remake
* Final Fantasy Tactics Advance 3DS
* Bravely Second localization
* Final Fantasy Explorers 3DS localization
* New IP introduced

What I expect:

* Nothing that good.

MegaRay1329d ago

If they announced KH3D with KHIII Demo for PS4. Ill buy a PS4 in a heartbeat.

DarkOcelet1329d ago (Edited 1329d ago )

KH3 footage and gameplay and release window.

FFXV trailer and release date.

Just Cause 3 gameplay and release date.

Star Ocean 5 gameplay and release date.

Deus Ex gameplay and release window.

Sleeping Dogs 2 trailer.

FF Type 1 trailer.

A new IP or a possible reboot of an old game.

DarkZane1329d ago (Edited 1329d ago )

FFXV and KH3 were already confirmed to only have a small trailer by SE.

FFXV will have a big blowout at gamescom where they will start promoting the main game.

KH3 will have the next big reveal at D23 expo.

Here is a source about FFXV:

SouljAx3601329d ago

Surprise announcement of Final Fantasy Tactics 2. At least that's what I've been hoping for, for the past 15 years.