Playstation Gear Watches are Coming Soon

Coming soon to PlayStation Gear Store; Watches!

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Abash1323d ago

With the right price, I'd be very interested in getting one

Ch1d0r11323d ago

Thanks, didn't even know they sold clothes and coffee mugs. Nice!

never4get1323d ago

These watches play games right? Right?

LifeInNZ1323d ago

Really? they look cheap and nasty. Now if they had the same styling as Sony's premier cellphone or tablet then I would consider one. But these just look like a cheap plastic knock off watch, the kind of thing you can win at a Time-Out or carnival.

DragonKnight1323d ago (Edited 1323d ago )

Didn't click the link did you?

"Made of stainless steel and scratch-resistant PC."

That said, the pictures make it look like it's made from the stuff they use to coat analog sticks.

LifeInNZ1323d ago

I did actually...which is what inspired my original comment.

Death1323d ago

Let's keep our expectations inline for a $45 watch. At this price point I wouldn't expect a high quality or fashionable time piece. This is a promotional item for fans that have $45 to burn.

subtenko1323d ago

I would rather get the sony smartwatch 3 personally. It would be cool to be a playstation branded smartwatch tho. But hey, these are for people would want regular.

andibandit1322d ago

Looks like something that came out of a Toy Vending Machine

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RedDevils1322d ago

I hate these useless watches trend, I understand about phone, but for games are you serious??

jacksons981322d ago

Did you read the link? It's just a watch for fans

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Starbucks_Fan1323d ago (Edited 1323d ago )

"I have a lack of information about date of launch or presentation. So I cannot explain it with my way. Be alert gamers it will be available soon."

Hmm not sure if I believe this rumor then.

But it might be cool to see them make a watch.

shashankrsingh1323d ago

Yes it will be cool and that's why i'm very curious to see the real watches by PlayStation. Can't wait

yewles11323d ago

Just looked it up, regular watch for $45...

WildArmed1323d ago (Edited 1323d ago )

That quality build though right?

Seems like they are just charging for the brand name, the watch looks like the ones I had when I was 5.

Summons751323d ago

I don't think I've see a person wear a watch in 15 years. Everyone has a cellphone on them, a watch is completely pointless when I can pull out my phone.

Ultr1323d ago

Liar :) there are tons of people having watches. I guess you will see one within minutes of going outside :P

wakeNbake1323d ago

Theres plenty of people with watches, its a fashion statement and in the case of upscale brands like Rolex and Brietling its a symbol of affluency.

WildArmed1323d ago

Almost everyone I know wears a watch, esp. at work.

Much more convenient than pulling out your cell phone and much more discreet (and much less disrespectful)

magiciandude1323d ago (Edited 1323d ago )

I don't see many people with watches either, but with the Apple watch, that's likely going to change...

Now with the PlayStation Watch, one could guess that it would be a digital watch, but it's just an ordinary watch. Doubtful Sony is going to sell many of these.

Ninjatogo1323d ago

They're (watches) coming back now that every tech company and their grandmother is making a smartwatch.

The Great Melon1323d ago (Edited 1323d ago )

As others have said watches are much more discreet. Also with the growing size of cellphones, they are much easier to look at quickly.

Besides, I feel naked without my watch.

Immorals1323d ago

Only reason I don't wear my watch is because I work in catering. Not even allowed a bracelet!

rainslacker1323d ago (Edited 1323d ago )

Phil Spencer wears two watches....

I prefer watches, but as a programmer I find them an annoyance sometimes to keep on, so I mostly stopped wearing them except my good one for if I'm going out.

I just find watches easier to look at when you need to tell the time instead of having to reach into my pocket and clicking the button on my phone...particularly when sitting down. It's also much more discreet should I need to tell the time in a meeting I'm bored in.

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franwex1323d ago

I thought they would integrate with my PlayStation...
It's just a regular watch, and not a pretty one either.

MasterBaker1323d ago

Was this really real? I thought they were trolling us on Twitter lol.

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