Top 5 Best Movie Games That Don’t Suck

While games adapted into movies haven’t fared well most of the time, it’s unfortunate to note that movies made into games to cash in are in the same boat. However, with that said, there are a few gems amid the pile of crap, and that’s the topic of this week’s top five Tuesday video.

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grashopper1325d ago

I think they are using video from the wrong GoldenEye...

jackwei221325d ago

Yes Goldeneye N64 was revolutionary indeed.

3-4-51324d ago

* Goldeneye 007 N64
* Aladdin Sega genesis
* Lion King sega
* Jungle Book sega
* N64 Pod Racer game Star Wars

affrogamer1325d ago

Lion King on SNES was amazing!! One of my all time favorites!

TearsOfARapper841325d ago

The hours I put into that Lion King game for Sega as a kid is disgusting. Shout out to the Aladdin and Toy Story game on Sega too, those were my next two in line and overall great games.

Kurisu1325d ago

Those flying carpet levels were SO hard!

deathtok1325d ago

Agree and plus bubble for the FOTC reference.

vacoby51325d ago

Toy story 2 on ps1 was best in series. I agree those carpet levels on snes were hard

madcowzz1325d ago

Special shoutout to The Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena as well. And would the Star Wars: Battlefront series not count? They each tie in with major battles as seen in the Star Wars films

Eonjay1325d ago

The Chronicles of Riddick gets my vote.

TeamLeaptrade1325d ago

The Lion King was pretty tough. I never could get through the full game. But it was always a fun to play every once in a while. Wish I still had it though.

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