ESPN radio jock mocks eSports, thinks gamers are basement dwellers

Over the weekend, something glorious happened for eSports. ESPN 2 showed a Heroes of the Storm tournament, Heroes of the Dorm, live on air. Despite being really cool, twitter exploded over it. Then, an ESPN presenter decided to mock eSports, its announcers and its players.

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XboxDD1266d ago

Very nice of him indeed.

ThinkThink1266d ago

I have a feeling that he may have to change his twitter handle after this.

Why o why1265d ago

Some gamers do in fact the basement ..

rainslacker1265d ago

My game room is in the basement. Spent about $9K on putting it all's actually nicer than the rest of my house at the moment.

NecotheSergal1265d ago

Fill a dudes' basement up with ridiculous amounts of sports gear, posters, shirts, accessories, a crapton of Balls and objects about ones' favourite sports team and it's labelled a 'Man Cave' and it's Manly.

Fill a dudes' basement with top of the line hardware, a stellar PC and ones favourite games from childhood and beyond and we're labelled as Basement Dwellers in a negative connotation?

Clearly nothing wrong with this picture.

3-4-51264d ago

* The reason a lot of Games are played in a basement is that it's usually a cooler temperature which is good for running electronics for a long period of time.

Helps keep them cool.

But of course he already knew all this....

He's Colin Coward.

Tankbusta401265d ago (Edited 1265d ago )

The term esports is just stupid... As an avid video gamer and former college athlete I see no comparison to playing video games and traditional sports. That's why an obnoxious Colin cowherd would take the shot at call them basement dwellers

Thefreeman0121265d ago

he's just a talking head. and a stupid one at that

700p1265d ago

I agree. "Esports" sounds really sad and lame lol

vickers5001265d ago

I won't say the activities themselves are all that similar, but the consumption of both forms of media really aren't all that different, not to me anyways. I personally don't get how someone could enjoy watching either, be it sports or esports, you're just watching people doing crap you're not doing yourself. Both of those activities are fun if you are actually participating in them, but watching them seems pointless and lame. I suppose that's why I always get a kick out of seeing sports fans pretend the act of watching sports is somehow above the act of watching video games, like they're somehow better because sports are more popular. Lol, I had this argument on another site and one guy said athletes are comparable to superheroes.

BudokaiGamer1265d ago

I wouldn't say eSports sounds weird, it's just an electronic sport. We have "sports" like Poker and they are shown on ESPN. The school I'm going to right now is actually 3rd in the nation to offer an eSports scholarship, which is cool but it's for LoL and I think that game is probably one of the worst things to crawl out of a development team.

The point is, it's competitive just like any other "sport." It takes dedication and practice and time. I would love to play Pokémon and Smash competitively, but school is effing terrible.

ChiliPants1265d ago

lol is great you should play it again

BudokaiGamer1265d ago (Edited 1265d ago )


If you mean the best at having a toxic community as well as turning those that play it into assholes, then yeah. It's the best.

Kevlar0091265d ago

The sports comes from coordinated teamwork , the physical requirement of reflexes and coordination, then there's decision making and the mental fortitude to maintain a high level of play. Chess is recognized as a Sport despite having no physical requirement. Golf is a sport where the physicality it walking and technique (power is a contributing factor but not the decider). Auto racing is also a sport, where physicality is based on endurance (mainly in NASCAR or Formula 1)

eSport is basically how we would define a sport that's applicable to an online setting. The definition of sports is widespread (as the inclusion of Chess, golf, and auto racing attests to). Since eSports is based on gaming, derided as merely a form of entertainment by nonathletic teens and young adults, it gets a bad rap. No one is saying MOBA's or shooters are the same as football, but what separates the good from the great is a set of skills both physical and mental.

Also the training behind it is as important as the act itself. Healthy diets and lifestyle habits, duration of preparation and planning are important as well.

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hkgamer1265d ago

not sure what espn shows on its sports channels but in the ukskysports shows:

i guess if espn shows any of those then he should know better, if they dont then i understand why the guy would complain saying it isnt a sport.

iceman061265d ago

ESPN used to show darts long ago. However, the most non-traditional "sport" that is shown these days is Poker and maybe bowling. They used to have a fair amount of billiards as well.

Myze1265d ago (Edited 1265d ago )

While I'm not a big fan of Colin Cowherd, I don't think he has much to worry about.

For the record, I think he's by far the worst of the three morning/daytime ESPN radio guys, with Mike&Mike and SVP and Rusillo being FAR superior and actually enjoyable. He's a shock jock announcer who says stuff to get a rise out of people (which is what his threat to quit is really about), but he's just not a good announcer, he repeats himself constantly and his voice is annoying. He's like Skip Bayless, but less entertaining and with a slimmer vocabulary, and without the fun back and forth with Steven A Smith (and the back and forth is the reason I like First Take so much).

ESPN isn't gonna be covering e-"sports" anytime soon, if ever, nor do I think they should and I seriously hope they don't.

InTheLab1265d ago

Agreed on all points. He's the worst so they stick him in a slot to get crushed by Jim Rome. Just a week ago he linked all school shooters with gamers and now this? Never hear him say anything negative about fantasy sports. The sponsors would have him fired.

Kingdomcome2471265d ago

Spot on. Speaking of back and forth, I used to love watching Sean Salisbury and John Clayton go at it back in the day.

Bathyj1265d ago

Hey, our houses dont even have basements. I have a Mancave in my bedroom.

itBourne1265d ago

Lol yeh, live in Arizona, never even seen a basement in my life.

Roman3mPiRe861265d ago

I live in Phoenix to be precise :)

rainslacker1265d ago (Edited 1265d ago )

Apparently only 31% of homes built in the US in 2005 had a basement...a number which fell from 39% in 1995.

Considering over 58% of americans play video games

it does make one wonder why the stereotypes persist despite facts being able to be looked up instantaniously as I've shown here in the two minutes it took me to write this comment.

I guess I could look up how many of those basements are livable since I'd imagine many are more unfinished slabs for storage type deals...or tornado shelters like you'd see in the movies.

Gotta love the internet. No where else can you prove someone so wrong so easily, and still not have them listen at all.

mixelon1265d ago (Edited 1265d ago )

Maybe the stereotype comes largely from other countries or areas of the US with more basements.. Somehow? (i know, not likely haha) - or maybe really old houses are more likely to have basements.. I don't know. XD

My game room is in the basement, but it's only 50% below ground level (the window opens out into the garden) ..

rainslacker1265d ago

lol. I've been to quite a few european countries, and honestly, I can't recall ever seeing a house that could accommodate a least not one you'd want to live in.

Another interesting fact. Only 45% of US cititzens live in a single family home...which is where the vast majority of basements would be.:)

I think the stereotype exists from media more than anything. Given that more people are staying at home longer for economic reasons, I wonder if the stygma will change.

The reason basements aren't as common anymore is that homes nowadays are mostly built in communities and are done as quickly as possible. It's becoming much more streamlined for profitability. A buyer more often than not has to request a basement, although up north and around the mid-west, some sort of basement is more common.

My basement is fully below ground...however the ground slopes so the back side and one side have windwos and a couple doors. It was unfinished when we moved in, but I finished about half of it for my game room, and the other half is my wood shop.

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