Violent shooter Hatred will be released on June 1

Destructive Creations' Windows PC shooter Hatred will be released on June 1, the Polish company announced today.

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Rearden1323d ago

Well, with a name like "Hatred", who expected it not to be violent :)

DragonbornZ1323d ago (Edited 1323d ago )

I respect the devs sticking to their guns on their vision and what-not, but nah i'm not up for supporting a strictly genocide themed game. I mean at the end of the day it's just a game, like human centipede is just a movie, and w/e controversial book is just a book, but I wouldn't even have fun playing this.

I might be a bit of a softy tho. Haven't played postal, didn't go crazy in No Russian in MW2, and I don't go on random killing sprees in GTA. ( I do let loose with some C4 in traffic every now and then tho ) I like chain explosions >_>
But there's too much life begging, pistol mouth-jobs, and screams of agony for me to play dis.

Those who want to on June 1st tho, have fun I guess lol.

ritsuka6661323d ago

Love this type of games. Day 1 for me..

TXIDarkAvenger1322d ago (Edited 1322d ago )

I love how butthurt people are over this game who aren't going to buy it.