New Destiny Trials of Osiris Screenshot Shows New Endgame Gear

EB: Bungie has released a new screenshot for Destiny’s House of Wolves DLC and the new Trials of Osiris multiplayer mode that will be coming with it.

The Trials of Osiris multiplayer mode will be a weekly 3v3 elimination event where power levels matter. The more your team wins the better your rewards will be, which can include Osiris-themed endgame gear.

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DevilishSix1330d ago

Confirms that this will mainly be for the best of the best. Pros and veteran players will gather their buddies and be the power players of these tourneys. This doesn't sound like it's for the regular Destiny players.

GameSpawn1329d ago (Edited 1329d ago )

Trials of Osiris is essentially a permanent Iron Banner. There is no re-balancing (meaning no Whites, Greens, and Blues - everyone is going to use Legendary and Exotic Gear).

The Prison of Elders will be the new endgame PvE event. You will not have to rely on Osiris for high level gear alone. Granted the Osiris gear does look snazzy (aside from the bright yellow color).

The Fate of All Fools exotic bounty should be returning as 90% required steps involved with the Trials of Osiris. They may change some of the requirements though if there were any major changes to the Trials.

Halo2ODST21329d ago

Please tell me Supers are removed in this game mode, they are soo unbalanced, I try an play destiny's pvp comptitive manner but when your K/D gets ruined because you can be killed in 1 hit,it just unbalanced, I would actually play this if supers were removed.

Sevchenko2111329d ago

Not a fan of the Egyptian theme. Oh'll give many players an incentive to play the game.

masterfox1329d ago

now thats what I call a pathetic teaser :D

HAMM3RofBUDDHA1329d ago

Tomorrow Bungie will do a full stream of the Temple of Osiris gameplay, so should have much more content than the tease.

tdogchristy901329d ago

Give me the Prison of Elders gear. I've grown "too old" for pvp these days, I much prefer destiny's pve stuff. I just hope the pve gear looks as cool.

kratoz12091329d ago

Pvp in destiny is average anyway.