Gaming on the minimum wage

Polygon: "I’ve worked a minimum wage job at a movie theater for nearly two years. As someone who wants to buy and play lots of games, strict budgeting is a painful reality."

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user74029311299d ago

you can get by somewhat on minimum wage if you literally spend no money on anything else for entertainment value.

traumadisaster1298d ago

No, games fall in price so fast now. Nearly all $60 are $20 within a year.

Steam has 75%-90% off older games every season.

When I was in college I had to pay $50 for ps1 games, no trade ins, and prices didn't drop. Pcs where 3000 and no steam.

Now for $50 you could have a 3 year backlog on steam.

Coming from someone who bought a 3DO, a Sega cd and now 4k gaming this is the best time ever for budget gamers.

Blues Cowboy1298d ago (Edited 1298d ago )

I used to do this. Earned £5/hour, so I expected games to provide at least the same value in return. Then eked absolutely all the value I could out of each game before trading in.

WizzroSupreme1298d ago

It makes those few games you can bag all the more valuable on the bright side.