The World of the Witcher - Trailer

Take a peek inside The World of Witcher book from Dark Horse.

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micx1328d ago

This can also mean you're planning to pass on this one :)

Of course, I think that's not the case.

oasdada1328d ago

This can also mean ive pre ordered it ;)

spicelicka1328d ago (Edited 1328d ago )

day -30 ;)

Dspdspes1328d ago

No more, please. Can't take the wait any longer..........

MrCherry1328d ago

Ill give you my cat for a eraly copy......hes a good kitty.

kingeliran1327d ago

Ill give this guy cat and my dog for an early copy.

Just cant wait im dying inside...

audiophile1011327d ago

god the monsters a lone look gorgeous. All the new materials and increased graphics is going to beautiful im going to lose my hot summer to this game