Opinion: I’m Not Paying £33 for a Season Pass, and Neither Should You

Nick Gillham: "Holy Long John Silver, Batman! Warner have just announced the price for the Batman: Arkham Knight season pass, and it’s a rather eye opening thirty-three pounds. Let those words roll around your head for a while: Thirty-three pounds."

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PANDAB1330d ago

Don't tell me what I should or should not do.

Let each make up his/her own mind.

slappy5081330d ago (Edited 1330d ago )

Can't you see he's holding a gun against your head?
Best do as he says

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slasaru011330d ago

Actually, same as buying another COD every year

ArchangelMike1330d ago

A fool and his money are easily parted...

spacedelete1330d ago

its people like you why the reason game industry has gotten as greedy as it has. DLC, microtransactions, season passes etc. next they will charge for individual modes. want a campaign ? you have to pay extra, you want multiplayer ? you have to pay extra, you want co op mode ? you have to pay extra and thats after you pay full price for the game disc. the only way these greedy scum publishers will stop if we complain and stop buying their games. as consumers we have more power than we realise and sheep like you shouldn't be telling people they don't have a right to voice their dissatisfaction.

JoeDaniel1330d ago

And the problem with people like you is telling people that they're sheep for buying something they like... we don't even know what all the content is so it's stupid to complain... and good luck thinking you not buying the season pass is going to make a big difference, and something like that is going to cause this huge game not to sell... lol

DivoJones1330d ago

Hell I'm not even going to buy the game til it's at least $20 off.. same applies to DLC. It was my strategy with Shadow of Mordor, seems to have worked quite well.

jb2271330d ago

The absolute worst part about this is that it seems likely at this point that we will only end up w/ 75% of a Rocksteady caliber Arkham game on disc. The fact that actual story threads & characters will be releasing so close to the game (assuming all of this content releases in the 6 month window that they announced) means that all of those great side missions from City will be pretty barren in the retail game. Seems to me that we will essentially be paying over a hundred dollars for what we purchased for almost half that price before. We will see how it all turns out, but judging by recent trends and the proximity of all of this dlc in relation to the games release, this definitely alludes to the potential of Arkham Knight not matching the quality of their prior releases unless someone forks over major cash to experience it. Even then, the resources & time spent on this "extra" content will most likely make every bit of content on offer suffer in some way. Oh well, there goes most of the hype on what was potentially one of my favorite games of the year.

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Nikeyg1330d ago

Can't help but feel that this ridiculous pricing for 'additional' content is getting out of hand.

Roccetarius1330d ago

it has been out of hand for quite some time now, unfortunately.

badz1491330d ago

they are holding too many contents to sell later as DLC. It's the reason I'm not gonna buy this game at all, at least not THIS early version. I waited for City to be on sale on Steam for 5 bucks and I think it was well worth it. I think there is no rush to play it right away.

RiseofScorpio1330d ago

BTW we are paying $50 when you convert the figures.

ScorpiusX1330d ago

Too late , maybe next time.

NoctisPendragon1330d ago

The game was just a start ....

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