Shacknews: Mega Man 9 Preview: Pew Pewin' Like It's 1989

Shacknews writes: "A few friends told me on E3's show floor that playing Mega Man 9 was like being a kid all over again. That's a fair assessment, but I think it goes a bit further.

While I can remember playing a great deal of the first six Mega Man games on the NES, I can't remember playing a single one of them for the first time, learning the level structures and stumbling through the hazards. The knowledge is simply already there-not the case in Capcom's downloadable follow-up Mega Man 9.

But make no mistake, it is most certainly a Mega Man game. And though it is planned for appearance on consoles which pack exponentially more power under the hood, it's definitely 8-bit-the first and only new 8-bit game I've encountered as an adult."

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