Videogamer: The Wheelman Hands-on

Videogamer writes: "Vin Diesel. His name rolls of the tongue doesn't it? It sounds almost like something you'd put in your car to make it go faster. Funny that, since Wheelman, Midway's upcoming GTA-style open world driving game, stars none other than the muscle bound man himself.

It's unfortunate that Vin Diesel himself isn't here, at E3 2008 in LA, to talk about the game. That's because his studio, yes, that's right, Vin Diesel owns a video game studio, Tigon Studios, is playing a massive hand in making the game. But hey ho, we'll have to go old skool and rely on our own impressions from our hands-on time, rather than a multi-millionaire Hollywood superstar to tell us how the game's shaping up."

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