De We Need Trophies?

There is something extremely satisfying at looking at a game’s trophies list and seeing a tricky challenge conquered with the trophy symbol on the screen unlocked.

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ArnoDorian1059d ago

Yes, we do need trophies, it gives us gamers an extra challenge to earn those difficult trophies.

Applejack1059d ago

I completely agree but sometimes I just need to tell myself it's ok not to get 100% lol

locomorales1059d ago

Absolutely yes! Trophies are part of the game culture by now.

itsjustexuma1058d ago

Nintendo doesn't think that

Old_Prodigy1059d ago

Trophies encourage me to complete a game 100%, so yes.

MysticStrummer1059d ago

Not me. I turned off my trophy notifications on ps3, and did it again on ps4. Couldn't care less.

MrDead1059d ago

I like to use them to annoy my nephew, I'm at a higher level than him and it makes me happy to know that he hates that I'm old and better at games.

For that reason alone I think trophies are awesome.