D4: Dark Dreams Don’t Die coming to PC

D4: Dark Dreams Don’t Die, Access Games’ episodic Xbox One adventure game, is coming to PC, director Hidetaka “Swery” Suehiro announced.

“The catalyst for this port was the presentation I did at GDC, where we made a PC version experimentally to demonstrate the point that we could provide emotional immersion and recreate human sensations even without Kinect on hand and it was designed to be playable with nothing but a mouse,” Swery told Famitsu.

“Prior to my presentation, we had heard from a lot of people who said that they wanted to play D4, but don’t own an Xbox One, but afterwards when people knew that a PC version existed, they were really keen on seeing it get an actual release and created some buzz on social media.”

The next month will be dedicated to clearing the PC version of bugs.

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DarkOcelet1324d ago

So its most likely to be released in May. Cool.

DanielGearSolid1324d ago

This pretty much confirms Tomb Raider isnt coming to PS4 imo

All of the MS third party exclusives have only gone to pc

That cant be a coincidence

Rimeskeem1324d ago

But Tomb Raider is a TIMES exclusive. The other games were mostly full exclusive but MS has a lot of the computer market so they put games on PC for more sales.

ScorpiusX1323d ago

if they are publishing , who knows what kind of deal they have in place now after all the crap they got for D3, Ryse . Make you wonder what kind of deals they will make .

_-EDMIX-_1323d ago

It doesn't even matter if they are publishing as we've seen titles they've published go to PS systems. Its really a matter of do the own the IP?

No company will just be like, "I'll trade off life time sales to a game on 1 system for funding" that just makes no sense...

Tomb Raider is very much timed and I'm not sure why any one is surprised, this publisher is sorta know for that as hell look at this D4 game.

Is this even a shock to anyone thats somewhere else? Isn't that MS whole tagline now? Play it here first, play it better somewhere else?

Mind you, MS already confirmed Tomb Raider is timed, that their deal has a "duration" as most if not all of their deals have when it comes to 3rd parties.

Third parties don't just sign away rights to IPs for the lolz....

I can't say I've ever heard of such a thing in a deal before as you might as well buy the IP.

Its like saying if I can pay less for your car for you to NEVER drive it LOL! I mean...that sound like a fair deal to you? All the while you legally own your car...

MegaRay1323d ago

If sunset overdrive comes to PC then im good ;)
The only exclusive I wish to play atm

_-EDMIX-_1323d ago

Well Insomniac does own the IP so a good chance it will be on PC, PS4 etc.

FattyBoy3D1323d ago

Insomniac already said there will be no PC version of the game

1323d ago
Thatguy-3101323d ago

All I have to say is square enix. Highly doubt its fully Exclusive for that reason alone. Its Only For holiday 2015 like they stated when they announced it.

Kalebninja1323d ago

tomb raider isn't an ms exclusive, its timed and even square enix said it themselves.

Lost Planet
Ninja Gaiden 2
mass effect
star ocean iv

all were 360 timed exclusives that ended up on ps3, do your research before you sound stupid.

FattyBoy3D1323d ago

have Ryse and deadrising 3 come to Ps4 yet? I wouldn't hold my breath for Rise of the Tombraider on Ps4.

spacedelete1323d ago

don't want Tomb Raider anyway. let Xbox keep that.

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Sarah_Ch1323d ago

Is this game any good? I played the demo and its seemed a silly game to me.

killzzo1323d ago

the game is suppose to be silly, and do not expect some combat, it is more of an adventure game

Sarah_Ch1323d ago

Ah thanks I missed the opportunity when it was free for gold members, so would you recommend it? I didn't like the demo actually

FattyBoy3D1323d ago

Fun, interesting and weird game. Im sure that PC gamers will enjoy it. Just wish they would release the next episode

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