Killzone 2 Public beta coming this year

During a behind closed doors presentation at E3 today, it has been confirmed that the Killzone 2 Public beta will take place this year. Along with this news, Guerilla Games' also confirmed that they will closely monitoring for exploits and vulnerabilities for the Online, which is great news for those who hate having to play agaisnt cheaters.

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chaosatom3802d ago

Four betas I would pay for to get in :)

AlienGorilla3802d ago

Four betas you'll most likely have to pay for to get in.
(Through Qore, most likely.)

Rob0g0rilla3802d ago (Edited 3802d ago )

It's worth $2.99 to get your hands on a portion of the game early. It'll keep me busy for awhile.

They won't make us pay for Home beta though. That's an open beta for EU and US and EU doesn't have Qore.

DaTruth3802d ago

Where do I sign up?!!!

Chris Bosh3802d ago

ah crap, ill neva get in.

AlienGorilla3802d ago

I never said it wasn't worth it. I just said that it'll most likely happen.

QUNE3802d ago

Hopefully this beta serves a better purpose than the original Killzone beta did. It was awful.

deeznuts3802d ago

I'm sorta the anti-beta/demo type person, because I like the feeling when I pop in a game for the first time ... but this might sway me!!!!!

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resistance1003802d ago

Its a sony online game so yes it will, Resistance, warhawk etc all use deadicated servers, so its almost a cert that Killzone will have them

TheExecutive3802d ago

Not only that but it will be a global server network. It will have both P2P and dedicated servers. My main question is: HOW do I get into the beta??

resistance1003802d ago

Its a public beta, so it will probally be downloadable like the MGO one (for europe anyway)

Either that or they will include the key in Socom or Resistance

Kleptic3802d ago

it will most definitely have dedicated servers...

ever notice how few 360 games have more than 16 players?...every notice how many games on XBL have dedicated servers?...those two variables really like each other...

32 players without dedicated servers is a nightmare for nearly anywhere but South Korea...

DaTruth3802d ago

Mgs4 needs some dedicated servers. Can't tell you how many times I got shot at, ran around the corner to hide and than died.

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Overr8ed3802d ago

I don't know that they are talking about? *Scratches nose*

resistance1003802d ago

Cheaters i.e. people who hack the game to give them advantages, COD4 suffered from this.

Overr8ed3802d ago

oh yea... i dont do that, thats for people without any skllzs. hmmm so anyone wanta see a glitch that takes you to outside the map PM me.

Ps3Fanboy7773802d ago

Its just annoying, but truth is it will always happen no matter what.. Let em cheat ill still own them!

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The story is too old to be commented.