Iwata Asks - Xenoblade Chronicles X

From the game world to the soundtrack, everything is massive in Xenoblade Chronicles X. In this interview, the game’s creators share how much passion and work went into building this epic open-world RPG.

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Iwata - How much more depth did you put into the quests?
Kojima - Let's see...maybe 3,000% more than the previous game?
Iwata - 3,000 percent?! That means 30 times more.
Yokota - That's right. During the first stages of planning, we discussed increasing the number of quests by 3,000%. However, this took place before the development process, so in the end, we ended up creating a similar number of quests as in the previous game. But we did put 3,000% of our hearts into creating them...
Iwata - So you're saying that the quests are much more condensed.
Yokota - That's correct. It's very different from Xenoblade Chronicles. If based on the play time, I believe that players can enjoy the game five times longer if they try to complete everything.

My Response - wow a Five Times longer game, I have not played Xenoblade but I heard it was a long game already

Iwata - In general, other games ask the player if they would like to go online, but for this one, the game will be connected when it starts up, correct?
Yokota - Right. Each game connects with up to 32 players randomly, including the main player. Most of the time, you will not see other players or what they are doing, even if they're in the same field.
Iwata - But, you can feel each other's presence faintly in real-time.
Yokota - Yes. For example, if a player defeats an enemy and gets an item they don't want, they can offer to give that item to another player who is connected with them.

My Response - this is pretty cool

Iwata - So you can experience that great feeling of being super powerful once you obtain a Skell.
Kojima - But in return, we've set the bar a little high for obtaining one. It's pretty expensive.
Iwata - Why did you make it expensive?
Yokota - We discussed that we would like players to experience a feeling similar to buying a new car in real life when they buy their Skell.

My response- seems I will have to save up a lot of money

Yokota - Yes. Although Skells are quite expensive, they can be destroyed in one blow if they face off against a very strong enemy. In that case, players may have to buy a new one.
Iwata - Isn't that pretty tough for the players? Yokota So, we created "Skell insurance"! (laughs) Even if your Skell is destroyed, it will be fixed for free up to three times. Iwata Wow, that sounds pretty realistic! (laughs)
Kojima - However, the insurance won't be valid after it breaks for the fourth time, so you'll have to pay an expensive fee to get it fixed. I honestly wanted the Skells to be broken for good once they were destroyed. So once it's destroyed, it's gone for good.

My response: I will need to save a lot of money

Yokota - This is sort of off topic, but we put a lot of meaning into the "X" in the game's title. The "X," as you know, is a symbol for an unknown factor.

My response - This makes a lot of sense, I like how he did that

Kojima - There's a lot you can do in this game, and I want the players to decide what they want to do and where they want to go depending on their own preferences. So as Takahashi-san said, the experience and memories that are going to be made should be vastly different depending on the player. It's not a game where you can get the same exact result regardless of who plays it.

My response - I was thinking the same thing with all the stuff you can do with this game