Paid mods on Steam? Here is where they got the idea from

"At the end of April Steam has announced the paid workshop for Skyirm mods and according to their announcements they were planning to release similar “paid workshop” sections for other games in the near future. If we are talking about paid mods, the whole business model of Steam was completely faulty and wrong." - GMM

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KDaniel1330d ago

nice piece of article, and I love the site! :)

9argav21330d ago

Steam sees as we were milking cows

DragonKnight1329d ago

This article makes a very serious claim that it had better be careful about spreading around without clear proof.

For those of you who won't read the article, or decided it's TL;DR, this site is accusing Valve of stealing the idea of paid mods from them. Keeping in mind that this site has exactly 1 article submitted on this site, this one, and even admits to being only a few months old.

I can easily see this turning into a libel suit.

GamersPost1329d ago (Edited 1329d ago )

Have you seen the emails and read the whole article? Because commenting before that is never a wise choice :)

morganfell1329d ago

I saw enough. They are claining responsibility for having been the impetus for the Steam action. It doesn't matter if they had a different idea. An imbecile could have seen what Valve would eventually do with such an idea and the persons at Gamemodmarket should have known better. Thanks, thanks a lot.

They failed to see the outcome of their actions which makes them a pack of dunces. People are always, for the sake of greed or some other idiotic motivation, poking their noses into matters and creating either dangerous situations or at the very least areas that are beneficial to no one save themselves.

I have seen enough to partially hold this site responsible and never give them another click.

DragonKnight1329d ago

Yes in fact I did. You have provided no concrete evidence that Valve stole your idea, just that you sent emails to them talking about said idea. It's still an accusation without sufficient proof and if Valve wanted to they could easily sue you for libel and likely win it. An email to Bethesda asking if you can have paid mods in their game and an email to Valve asking the same is not proof that Valve stole your idea.

Bethesda's reply was a standard PR response saying "mods aren't tested or regulated by Bethesda" and Valve didn't answer you at all. So once again, you have made a very bold claim with, at best, circumstantial evidence. You'd better hope that Valve and/or Bethesda don't care about suing a new website because you really have thrown the gauntlet down.

Infinity_Rasta1329d ago (Edited 1329d ago )

Hmm finaly a news story about the mod s**t storm on steam, here on n4. Anybody notice they keept this issue under the rug here,
every other story like this, n4g would have foam in its mouth over the clicks it can get, but this time they went all man in black and made sure no one here could argue against the mod paywall, cause you cant argue if you aint got an article to comment on.

SilentNegotiator1329d ago

What are you talking about, "finally"? There have been LOTS of articles on N4G on the subject.

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