It’s Not You Xbox One, It’s Me…

EGMR writes: "The Xbox One took a bit of a while to get to South Africa, and after a lot of fortunate circumstances I was able to afford it a year after I had bought a PS4. In the last generation I had a PS3 and a gaming-ready PC, where most of my playing was done thanks to Dota 2, and as a result I missed out on a handful of Xbox 360 titles which caught my eye. While I’m not quite fanatical about Gears of War, Halo or Forza, the game Alan Wake certainly had me pining for an Xbox 360, although I was absolutely fortunate in that regard when the game made its way over to PC as well. This generation I was determined to own both consoles for two reasons. The first would be to eliminate all biases and be objective about the consoles going forward, and the second reason was obviously to play the games I would otherwise miss out on, so that I could enjoy the new generation to the fullest.

Less than a year later, however, I’ve grown distant from my Xbox One and have actually decided to sell it. Yet, you may be surprised to hear that it’s no fault of the console itself."

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Fro_xoxo1325d ago (Edited 1325d ago )

Still, you enjoyed your time with it :)

at least, you'll have 2 of the 4 major platforms to game on.

I'd like a second platform to game on. . It'll be between PS4 and PC. . in due time.

- - -

finally, you don't need anyone's approval with the decisions you make regarding what platform(s) you want to play on. Whatever makes you happy.

Nice piece by the way.

cynicismate1325d ago

Ok...I...I can't...
It's a piece of hardware made for pennies by starving, suicidal Taiwanese kids. It doesn't have feelings, it doesn't have emotions, and it really doesn't give a sh*t. It's not a human being or a pet, it's a black monolith you exchanged currency for to bring some fun into your life. If it's no longer performing that function for you then sell it and move onto something else. You won't hurt it's feelings, I promise.

hello121325d ago

Due to my personal preference, I would play multi-platform games on PS4 given the choice.
I’m not crazy about the Xbox One’s three biggest franchises, that being Halo, Gears and Forza. I can comfortably exist without them, and was rather looking forward to the Sunset Overdrives, Quantum Breaks and such on the console.
My gaming preferences have been with PlayStation exclusives historically (last generation), and presently after Bloodborne.

I lost interest a few lines in and after he posted the above i knew he was full of it.

Gears and Halo are two of the biggest games x box fans are waiting for! Why did he buy an x box 1 then?

He only got 1 game out the two he listed Sunset Overdrive. I don't believe this story at all sorry.

DigitalRaptor1325d ago

"I lost interest a few lines in and after he posted the above i knew he was full of it."

Full of what? Personal preference?


"Gears and Halo are two of the biggest games x box fans are waiting for!"

Are you trying to paint a picture that all Xbox fans are the same and have the same preferences? The undeniable reality is that if all Xbox gamers enjoyed Halo, Gears and Forza, then each iteration of those games would have sold over 50 million copies on the Xbox 360.

Man, certain realities are too difficult for some to deal with, obviously.

Captain_TomAN941324d ago

I mean can you blame us for thinking all Xbox fans like Halo, Gears, and Forza?

When those 3 series are 90% of Xbox exclusives yeah we kinda hope you like those unless you just prefer inferior versions of every game, or just massively like the color green.

SniperControl1325d ago

Believe it or not, i cant stand the Halo franchise and have no interest in Halo 5 at all, the Forza games are ok, nothing i would rush out to buy day one.
However, on the other hand, i would jump on a new Gears game like Chunk in a chocolate sweet shop and QB has also peaked my interest, but i doubt we'll see any of those two till late 2016.

I like the guy in the article am thinking of selling my X1 too, at the moment all i do on my X1 is stream music from my phone, i cant even remember when i last played a game on it. I bought the X1 last october and have yet to own more than two games for it(one of those was free with it) the other has long ago been traded in.
TBH, i only bought one because MS dropped the price big time here in the UK, i got it for £320 plus a free game, honestly, i wish i had waited for a while yet. I'am gonna hold off till E3 and see what MS has to offer.
I know i'll get disagrees for this, but thats how i feel about the my X1 at the moment.

rainslacker1325d ago

Funny. I want an X1 for it's exclusive titles, and I can say Halo and GeOW are pretty far down on the list of games that I would want to get for it. The one's I've played in the series have been great, and I've often spoken of their greatness on a technical level, but I'm not really into the whole space marine motif, and while Halo was decent, I didn't find either game to have that compelling of a story to warrant me wanting to buy them day one or getting a console just to play them.

Just because they're the biggest titles of the Xbox brand, doesn't mean that it's the only thing that exists, or that it's the thing that all Xbox gamers want. Just looking at the sales numbers of those games shows that not every Xbox gamer plays those games.

Currently SO and QB are the two games I would want to play most, but SO isn't enough to make me get another $400 console, and QB I've been turned off of since the game play reveal despite the intriguing premise to the story so it's been put into a holding pattern.

AudioEppa1325d ago

Funny how Alan Wake was the only game 360 had that I wanted too (felt like a game that would be on ps) couldn't and still don't see anything interesting about halo and gears tbh.

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Captain_TomAN941324d ago

Well Alan Wake is on PC (Just like 90% of all other Xbox "Exclusives") so you are in luck!

Sureshot1325d ago

Random guy decides to sell his console... Who the hell cares?

vikingland11325d ago

I'm a random guy and I like my XB1. Been playing Neverwinter like crazy.

magiciandude1325d ago

"Two subscription fees will be a future headache."

Right on. That's why I decided to make the jump from PS+ to XBL Gold after being on the fence for a few months after buying my Xbox One. I was almost sure I won't be playing online on the Xbox One, but now it's my console of preference for online gaming, even for cross platform titles regardless if they're 3% better or worse than the PS4 versions.

StrayaKNT1325d ago

Same my ps+ ran out and I didn't renew it because I'm waiting for a multiplayer game on the ps4 like uncharted then I'll get a one month subscription but my yearly sub is one the Xbox one because I love the network and controller more. I also can never see a difference with multiplats and I game on a 55 inch. All the 900p, 1080p debacle is just for clicks and fanboys.

Gamelover691325d ago

You need a playstation in order for your ps+ to run out.
If you can't tell the diffidence on a 55 inch check your eyes.
Read your comments you just troll anyway.

magiciandude1324d ago

Yep, and if there is a difference, it's nothing worth losing sleep over. It's like a one less cloud in the sky difference, if any.

Captain_TomAN941324d ago (Edited 1324d ago )

@AussieGamer1 Said the guy with terrible eyesight...

reko1324d ago

You don't have a ps4, stop trying to convince people.. You're like the next fanboykilla hahaha!

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Gamelover691325d ago

Opposite for me playstation all the way. Better control. Better games.
My opinion.

XiMasterChief1325d ago

Those are controversial opinions or whatever Americans call it these days.

RealFry1325d ago (Edited 1325d ago )

@ Chief

No it's a... :

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