Sony’s James Fairbairn Wants To Know Your Desired PlayStation 4 Features

SegmentNext - Well, it looks like Sony and its employees are pretty serious about introducing fan requested features in PlayStation 4.

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RAM0N 1325d ago

Custom themes and avatars oh and the ability to change your psn id

Palitera1325d ago (Edited 1325d ago )

They know VERY well what PS4 users want.
And it has been like this for years with EVERY major request that will be posted again on this page, including these two.

This PR move is pure placebo.

breakpad1325d ago

Backward compatibility with PS1/2...for free

xer01324d ago

Privacy settings, so I can hide from my friends! :)

UltraNova1325d ago

That and external HDD, mp4, mp3, mkv support!

Genuine-User1325d ago (Edited 1325d ago )

MP3's are playable on the PS4.

Godmars2901325d ago

No brainer things which should have been on the console at launch. MP3's especially even if it was added later.

deadpoolio3161324d ago

OR just watch your stolen movies and TV shows on your PC....Nobody cares that pirates want to stream from their PC because more movies are starting to use Cinividia audio protection so trying to watch it on a console cuts the audio 20 minutes into a movie....

rainslacker1324d ago

You can stream more than pirated movies through DLNA. You can stream your own movies, pictures, and music. You can stream legally owned movie content. You can stream already streamed content. And much more. To assume that everyone that uses DLNA does so to pirate content is reaching pretty far. having all this content from a single server is far more convienant than moving it around all the time.

Cinevideo will be cracked just like every other copy protection has been in the past, if it hasn't been already.

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stuna11325d ago

The ability to rip songs dirctly off of CD's dirctly to your HDD.

mike32UK1325d ago

Agreed. Even if not universal, I'd settle for Google cast implementation!

Volkama1325d ago

Quite happy to sit back and let Sony surprise me with new features, as I don't really have any "problems" I need them to address. I'd like to be able to specify different audio output for HDMI and Optical at the same time (ie linear PCM on HDMI, and bitstream on optical), but that's minor.

I'd like to see them keep investing in PSN infrastructure, but that's not really a Playstation 4 feature per se.

WitWolfy1325d ago

I want to play my purchased PSone and PS2 digital games on PS4. And no I dont have the internet infrastructure to use PSNOW nor is it available in my country.

-Foxtrot1325d ago


Seriously PS Now or not I'm not paying for my games again

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The story is too old to be commented.