Thoughts On The Just Cause 3 Gameplay Reveal Trailer

IM PLAYIN briefly discuss the Just Cause 3 gameplay trailer.

"There were a lot of mechanics in that game that were quite novel at the time, like the ability to latch on to moving vehicles (including planes) for instance. You were able to perch yourself on the back of a jet and pinch it from under the pilot’s nose – something that we can only dream of in GTA V – unless you’re rather lucky with a mechanics glitch. But, of course, it also had a deep story with plenty to see and do. That’s why I’ve been eagerly awaiting this reveal trailer, and judging by the clip, (running at just under two minutes long), my eagerness is well placed."

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GortJester1328d ago

Day 1 purchase. Not many games are *fun* anymore like this series is...

Crimzon1328d ago

Ain't that the truth. Between this and the Mad Max trailer you know that these guys prioritize fun and gameplay over making the fanciest textures or lighting effects. Nice to see a studio that gets game development right, rather than a bunch of washed-up film school dropouts who only care to make a $60 movie.

GortJester1326d ago

Lol at all the disagrees on your opinion ;)

shloobmm31328d ago

I absolutely loved JC2 for about a week then i started realizing how lifeless the world felt. Hopefully JC3 addresses that and it feels much more alive.

Sketchy_Galore1328d ago (Edited 1328d ago )

Maybe I'm just still not thinking straight after the Silent Hills cancellation but my only thoughts were that I'm ired of being treated like I'm 13, I'm beyond sick of beating up explosions while dubstep plays. I think I'm sick of gaming. I just wish gaming would get its Coen Brothers, Paul Thomas Anderson or Martin Scorcese. I'm tired of playing digital Michael Bay films and I'm tired of playing minimalist 'art pieces' about moving a small blue square across an 8 bit environment while a man reads his dead daughter's poetry. I just wish we could get some kind of Middle ground. Games with action and intrigue that don't make me embarrassed to be 30 and owning a games console.

Perjoss1328d ago

You only have yourself to blame for choosing the wrong kinds of games, there's plenty of 'grown up' titles that do not focus on action, cleavage and explosions.

Blastoise1328d ago (Edited 1328d ago )

I get what you mean. "I'm tired of playing minimalist 'art pieces' about moving a small blue square across an 8 bit environment while a man reads his dead daughter's poetry"

and you can have a funny bubble for that lol

Have you tried Bloodborne? Persona 5 and Alienation are coming out this year too, they look pretty sick. Alienation will be pretty heavy on explosions though, just like Just cause

kraenk121328d ago

Maybe you should comment on The Witcher 3 videos then istead of Just Cause 3, which is supposed to just be stupid brainless fun!?