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FreakOrama1060d ago

Looks neat, just wish it was uploaded somewhere other than youtube for better quality.

But yea, it looks like fun but kind of.. dunno.. I'll wait and see when there's more gameplay videos are out. Hope it's fun though =)

morganfell1060d ago (Edited 1060d ago )

Putting this up top so those that missed it will have a chance to view.

Sir_Simba1060d ago (Edited 1060d ago )

the trailer is alright.

freshslicepizza1060d ago

looks like a michael bay movie

badz1491060d ago

looks like it will be another chaotic open world game with crappy story like part 2 was. not that I'm complaining, though. the thing that I love about JC is, the gameplay screams, "F physics! chaos FTW!!"

can't wait but hopefully the microtransaction things will be kept reasonable.

guitarded771060d ago (Edited 1060d ago )


Thanks Morganfell

Still not sure if I'm gonna get this game day one. Holiday 2015 is gonna be packed, and there are a lot of games I want more.

@MoldyBread - Yeah, just needs more explosions.

TrollsBringer1060d ago


Open world craziness!

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Geobros1060d ago

"This footage is all actual gameplay. It was captured in-game using cinematic camera angles. It contains no cut scenes. Nothing was staged or scripted."

Wow!! Its impressive without cut scenes....

MasterCornholio1060d ago

Then I clicked and I was greeted with this message.

"The video was removed by the user"


Oh well at least I dont have to wait long.

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The story is too old to be commented.