Sega: No Plans For Shenmue III, Seaman 2

Talking with Sega of America president Simon Jeffery today, Kotaku asked the inevitable question - Is Sega ever going to release Shenmue III? The Yu Suzuki helmed adventure that saw two releases on the Dreamcast and Xbox has yet to see its epically planned story fully resolved. Unfortunately, the fate of Ryo Hazuki and another taste of "Full Reactive Eyes Entertainment" will have to wait.

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kazuma3803d ago

sega has no money to make a project as big as shenmue 3

NinjaRyu3802d ago

The Shenmue series is one of the few good game you have that you haven't ruined!

kewlkat0073802d ago (Edited 3802d ago )

They need to be bought..hehe

Where is Jet Set Radio 3?

DarkSniper3802d ago

This is bullshit. Once again, Dark Sniper will continue to boycott Sega's titles until a Shenmue III announcement is made. Sega continually produces garbage games but yet they will not produce a guaranteed million seller and certified system seller. This is BS and this decision deserves to be overturned. There's more people who would rather see Shenmue III rather than Viking:Battle For Asgard.

Microsoft allocates their cash on PLAYSTATION®3 titles such as Final Fantasy, but yet they will not fund one of the greatest franchises in gaming history.

Dark Sniper wants Shenmue, gaming wants Shenmue. It doesnt even matter the platform, even Xbox 360. This game needs to be made for the greater good of videogaming.